What is your top tip for better health?

We asked our local wellness experts to answer this question. Here’s what they had to say.

Article by Laurel Otey

Photography by Dementi, Lynn Booth, Philip Andrews Photography, By Jacqui Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle


Certified Health Coach at PartnerMD Midlothian

“Improve your nutrition. Our foods drastically impact our health and well-being. We are what we eat, so eat healthy by reducing processed foods and sugars. Foods and diseases go hand in hand. For example, metabolic disease is reversible through a healthy lifestyle. By changing your diet and exercise, you can drastically improve your metabolic health.”


General and Cosmetic Dentist at Penterson & Booth Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

“Prevention- Dental check-ups twice/year, annual physicals, skin cancer evaluations, feminine exams, etc. From a dental perspective, flossing not only prevents cavities between the teeth, but also improves and stabilizes your gum health. It is so important to put your health as a top priority. If you are not taking care of yourself first, it is hard to be there mentally, physically, and emotionally for the people that need you most.”


Master Esthetician & Owner of Mint Spa RVA

“Make sure you take a day for yourself each week!! Whether it be to run errands, get a spa treatment, or sit and read, it does wonders for the soul and spirit!”


Aesthetic RN & Owner of Glow Envy Med Spa

“Pay attention to your gut! Issues with your gut can manifest in your skin and lead to other health concerns. Prioritizing yourself and working towards wellness takes effort. Be intentional with your time and schedule in self-care as often as you can.”

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