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What My Grandmothers Taught Me

Laz, owner of Lazaro's Cuban Cuisine, shares his kitchen stories.

Article by Roswell City Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Courtesy of Lazaro Tenreiro

Originally published in Roswell City Lifestyle

Owner and Chef Lazaro Tenreiro's passion is cooking and fine food, authentic Cuban cuisine at its finest. All of the menu items feature the freshest, high-quality ingredients and everything is prepared from scratch. We asked Laz about his childhood and how his memories have shaped his cooking and business model.

I lived in the country in a small town called Vazquez in southern Cuba. We had a tiny house with pink tiles and stucco walls.

The kitchen was the size of my bathroom here with 99 percent of the gatherings happening outside. Everyone helped with the cooking when I was growing up. I got more involved in cooking when I moved here from Cuba in the 80s. My paternal grandmother was my biggest inspiration and showed me most of our family recipes. Although my maternal grandmother was also an Amerindian cook, it was “Mami Vita” (that’s what all the grandkids called my paternal grandmother) who shared her passion for cooking with me. When other kids in the family would go out and play, I stayed in to help my grandmother in the kitchen.

We always had people just dropping by the house and it was always a party. My favorite dishes were arroz con pollo, red beans and rice, roast pork (done outside in an open pit), and so many more. I would play with my friends and pretend I owned a restaurant and bar and make all these incredible dishes. 

I picked Roswell as my restaurant home because of the small-town feel and I loved the little houses turned into restaurants. I wanted people to feel they were coming to my house for dinner. All the dishes on the menu remind me of growing up in my grandma’s kitchen. The homemade chicken soup, the ropa vieja, and the breaded chicken filet always bring me back to the good old days.

Join Laz for dinner at Lazaro's Cuban Cuisine

Laz's is a harmonious gathering place featuring a diverse menu of delectable food – the perfect setting to enjoy great food with family and friends.  

 25 Woodstock Rd, Roswell


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