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What to Do When Recovering from Surgery


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

No matter what you have surgery for, it's hard to have a big interruption in your life and take the time you need to heal. But it's so important to prioritize your health and give yourself the space you need. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself and encourage a good recovery.

What are the Healthiest Foods to Eat After Surgery?

"Recovering from surgery may take days, weeks, or months; the healthiest foods to eat after surgery can help speed up the process. Keep a healthy meal plan, strictly adhere to a post-surgery treatment regimen, and check out this list of the highly recommended foods for post-surgery diet."

—Dr. Seeds

How To Sleep After Knee Replacement (6 Steps – Sleeping Position)

"Sleeping after knee replacement wasn’t an easy endeavor. In fact, it was downright difficult because of the wound, the swelling, and some pain. Today I’ll share with you how I managed to sleep after my knee replacement surgery and if side sleeping helped. Certain positions worked for me while others didn’t work. At times I was unable to sleep. I’ll begin with day 1 in the hospital and continue through day 28 of my recovery."

—My Knee Replacement Recovery

How to Heal Your Mind After Surgery

"Stillness isn’t easy. Especially when so many of us thrive on busy lifestyles. But after surgery, you’re forced to not only quiet your body, but your mind. Each person's experience is different but it’s still a process for everyone that goes through it."

—Style Island

How to Get Ready for Surgery: 10 Tips for an Easier Procedure + Recovery

"Last year I underwent emergency surgery and learned firsthand what happens when you don’t have that chance to prepare for what you’re about to get into. As a result of entering the procedure uneducated about its details and naïve about the recovery thereafter, the experience was a difficult one. As in my case, you can’t always know when a hospital stay or surgery may be in your future, but you can prepare for scheduled procedures to make your overall experience a little easier."


100 Things You Can Do While on Bedrest

"Mothering can be challenging when you are not able to move around like you’d like. Yes, the same 4 walls do get old sometimes. Sure, it can sometimes be lonely if you don’t provide ways for social interaction. However, despite all, there is a lot you CAN do while on bed rest to make it so much more enjoyable than many may initially think."

—Cornerstone Confessions

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