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A Few of Gilbert Fashion Influencers share fashion trends they fell victim to and immediately regretted

We all have been there whether it is scrolling through the celebrity magazines or following the latest things on social media.   We see THAT look and think.. "oh I LOVE it",  "They look so great.  The next thing we know we are leaving the salon with Jenifer Aniston Hair on NOT the Jenifer Aniston Head.   Gilbert Lifestyle reached out to some of our friends as asked them to be brave and share some fashion mistakes and fashion advice that might help all of us slow down just a bit before we GO FOR IT..  I hope you enjoy the fun and horror shared by our ladies.

Allison Coburn


Wylde Salon

What beauty trends haunts you the most in your lifetime? For me I instantly knew, Perms! Do I really need to say more? Why did anyone feel the need to wrap their hair for hours with tight little rods and pour the most horrific rotten egg smelling liquid on their heads. Can you tell that I am scared from all the old lady perms I had to do in beauty school?! Then to make it worse they slapped tubs of gel on their curls after so they were so crunchy it felt like your hair could just snap right off! Finished with the huge fluffed up bangs to heaven! Can I get an AMEN for finally getting off that band wagon! Hopefully we will all think twice before we adopt another trend like that.

Jacqueline Bregar

Farmers Gilbert

Being a teen in the 80’s, I have experienced many fascinating fashion trends - big hair; bright neon flared mini-skirts, tops and sweaters; shoulder pads; ruffled dresses, puffy sleeves; drop waisted belts and stonewashed denim among other interesting ensembles. However my biggest faux pas were leg warmers. This fashion disaster was probably born out of  Olivia Newton John’s “let’s get physical” workout outfit - the bright colored high leg leotard and tights with matching leg warmers and headband. How leg warmers progressed to being worn as a general fashion trend beyond the workout outfit is intriguing… I’m embarrassed to have paraded around sporting jeans with leg warmers worn over the ankle throughout my teens. I can only hope that this trend died in the eighties, never to be revived!

Ann Schude


Go Gilbert Community Group

My hair. It started young. I was 5 years old and went to my mom's salon. I rummaged through the hard cover books of glamour shots, neatly placed on the coffee table. As I was frantically flipping through the endless pages of headshots, I found the cut of my 5 year old dreams. I showed my mom's hairdresser, to which she replied, "That's cute on the model, but it won't look the same on you". To which I replied, " Yes it will". And no it didn't!  As soon as she spun me around to the mirror, I cried and cried in disappointment! Needless to say this was the beginning of my bad hair decisions. As a child of the 80's and 90's it only got worse from there. From Pamela Anderson platinum blonde (which turned out orange) Jennifer Aniston, layered bob and chunky highlights (still love this one though). Jennie Garth's super short "do" from 90210. Definitely didn't look good on my 2 foot long neck!  I was the one that everyone you saw me, my hair was a different color.  Natural Instincts by Clairol was way too accessible!

Now bangs seem to be all the rage.. I cut bangs a couple weeks ago, once again in hopes I would be transformed into my best self! Specifically, Maggie Siff from Billions or Kelly Riley from Yellowstone.  Even though I cut bangs, I still do not look like a sexy badass. And now I can still hear my mom's hairdresser from 40 years ago saying, "You won't look the same." And my still stubborn self saying, "Yes, it will"!  

Audrey Alfano


Mercedes Benz of Gilbert

Fashion is my passion and hobby. As a retired plus size model and body positive advocate I am always a cheer leader for fashion for all sizes. My instagram: angels4aud showcases beautiful styles and accessories that everyone can wear. My hope is that it inspires women to be bold, daring and beautiful in their own way. Fight that whisper in your brain that says I can’t wear that. Yes you can and you should. My motto: Wear What You Love Always.

Janessa Asher


Beleza Pura Medical

Oversized breasts and butts are all over Instagram, and “top” doctors are popping up with “specials” to offer the ideal body! What could go wrong? I worked in plastic surgery and felt “safe” to have breast implants. Six months later my body was taken over by Breast Implant Illness. Not one doctor diagnosed my illness. I removed my implants to save my own life. Not your ideal selfie! Thank goodness I found Beleza Pura and was able to naturally enhance my breasts again without the risks. My shape and confidence are back!

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