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What's for Dinner?

Local Austinite, Vidhya Subramanian has launched a new app that is helping Austin chefs looking for work to get back on their feet.

Vidhya Subramanian is a strategist, technology leader, entrepreneur and Founder and  CEO of Zymmo—an innovative new app designed to bring local, freelance chefs into  foodies’ homes. With a Bachelor of Engineering from Annamalai University, Masters of  Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and MBA from NYU, Vidhya is  accomplished.  

She has held prestigious executive management positions at Goldman Sachs, Target  and JPMorgan Chase & Co., delivering technological advancements to run successful  global businesses. As Vice President at Goldman Sachs, she was an integral member  

of the technology leadership in India and served on the Women’s Network Steering  Committee and Career Development Committee. Vidhya was then handpicked by  Target to manage system architecture, infrastructure engagement and integration  services for the eCommerce platform. After working with Target for over a  year, she moved onto JP Morgan Chase & Co. as the Executive Director of Wealth  Management as the key technology partner for a global operations team of over 5,000  operations users.  

However when you strip away the degrees and executive positions, you find a woman influenced by her childhood on a mission to change the world—one taste bud at a  time. A thought leader, Vidhya has traveled through life laying the foundation for others  to follow. After years of working for others, Vidhya merged her executive management  skills and entrepreneurial spirit to create a platform that provides foodies, chefs and  venues a place to share their ideas, experiences and passions. Her creation, Zymmo,  couples chefs with food lovers for unique culinary experiences. 

Born in India, Vidhya often reminisced of her childhood meals. She remembers sitting  in school with the eagerness to return home to indulge in the delicious snacks her  mother had prepared. Homemade food rich in nutrients, native vegetables and spices;  a mélange of diverse flavors sparking delight in her mouth with every bite. A mother  herself, Vidhya carried guilt for not being able to cook a well-balanced meal for her  children each evening after a long day at work. So, she left corporate America behind  and ventured out on her own to develop Zymmo. 

After raising seed money and hand selecting the right team to execute her idea, Vidhya  developed the app to connect chefs and people with a passion for food. “Being a foodie at heart and a product strategist by trade has given me the perfect  platform to execute this vision - to change the way people experience food. We’re  helping food lovers experience the meaningful meals they crave, while giving freelance  chefs the gigs they need.” Currently active in Austin and DC, Vidhya has her sights set  on expansion in 2021, offering great food and great experiences to new cities.

Zymmo, Subramanian's new app is helping to connect Austin chefs with local area foodies.  With so many out of work, or hours greatly reduced from restaurants closing, chefs are in need of employment.  With Zymmo, chefs can create a profile, upload images of items they are preparing along with a price and delivery for those interested.

Zymmo is not only a great app for chefs, but for foodies tired of making the same thing week after week for their families. It answers the age old question "What's for dinner?"  

Subramanian was a marketing executive at JP Morgan and also Target before become an entrepreneur. Zymmo was born out of necessity. Having a stressful job and then the need to come home and prepare meals for her family was exhausting.  She knew there had to be an easier way to have delicious meals without having to dine out night after night.


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