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What’s Hot: The Collective

Your Urban Basecamp for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Article by Susan George

Photography by Yuriy Manchik

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

“What motivates you to get out of bed on a Saturday morning when work is not involved?” Chris Wentlandt asks the Experience Ambassador at The Collective.

With their focus on well-rounded health and wellness, Chris and his partners at The Collective want people to operate each day out of their passions effectively and with a focus on community.

Alex Mondau, The Collective’s Community Ambassador, showed us around the gorgeous, award-winning designed space, modeled after the Strait of Juan de Fuca, while explaining the collective’s main goals:

1. To build community: to meet people different than you and bond over shared passions   

2. If good people come together, good things happen.

3. Have a fun place to meet, hang out and stay.

With the gourmet restaurant, incredible workspace and friendly staff, The Collective meets all these goals and more. Two main spaces combined make up this Urban Basecamp.

The first is a Day + Night Bar called High Tide. It’s full of productivity spaces for work, music bungalows for smaller meetings or to try your hand at guitar, counter and table service dining, ping-pong and board games—endless ways to power through your day, whatever it may be. There’s also a stage where local musicians perform and partner with nonprofits to continue engagement with the Seattle community.

The second space, adjacent to the restaurant and work area, is where you can enjoy a respite from emails and conference calls at Alpenglow. Here you will find a room full of hanging chairs, lounges, a hammock garden, a rock climbing area and spa-quality showers. The possibilities to explore and engage your mind and body are endless. Want to work out some stress and tension? Spend a midday break on the bouldering wall where you can try different routes on your own, or stop by one of the climbing clinics to help you get the gist. The artist-in-residence lives here, and the space also offers yoga classes, running clubs and evening events such as music and poetry nights.

“One member met an investor and a new climbing buddy all in the same place, and that’s exactly what kind of interactions we hoped would happen here," Alex says.

The team whose concept was brought to life after years of discussions over ski slopes and beers wanted to take the youthfulness inside of all of us and give it permission to play.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how to spend your time here; allowing you to go from work meetings, strategy sessions and a delicious meal to exercise, meditation and a new friend. Here you can focus not only on work but also a holistic and healthy way to spend your day from start to finish—including massages that become available on Wednesdays to give you that midday boost!

Meet the Team:

Chris Wentlandt - Experience Ambassador

Alex Mondau - Community Ambassador

Juan Garcia - Executive Chef

CJ Nellis - Bar Manager

Alex Katz - Director of Membership

Sapana Patel - Programming Director

Steph Duryea - Member Relations

CollectiveSeattle | @collectiveseattle