Beach bag essentials

Fill your summer tote with these local must-haves!

Whether you're hitting the pool, cruising Smith Lake or lounging on the beach, a cute bag packed with essentials is, well, essential.

Here's a look at some local must-haves we picked up at Werner's Trading Company, Three Pears, Camelot Books and Comics and Dick's Sporting Goods in Cullman.

Bag one, a large BOGG BAG from Werner's, is packed with your more traditional items:

- Teva flip flops - Werner’s

- Sand Cloud beach towel - Werner’s 

- Sun Bum sunscreen - Werner's

- goodr sunglasses - Three Pears (also available at Werner’s) 

- Discraft disc - Werner's

- Bashminto set - Werner’s

- Duncan boomerang - Werner’s 

- Waboba football - Werner’s 

- Waboba moon ball - Werner’s 

- Green toys and sand bucket - Ashley Mercantile

Bag two, a trendy Carmen Sol bag from Three Pears, contains some of this summer's hottest finds (and a great book!):

- Carmen Sol bracelets - Three Pears

- BIRKENSTOCK EVA sandals - Werner’s 

- Rodayo coverup - Werner’s 

- Peepers Readers sunglasses - Werner’s 

- Book - Camelot Books and Comics

- BrüMate Toddy XL cup - Werner’s 

- Sun Bum Chapstick - Werner's 

- Beach hat - Three Pears 

Where will your bag take you this summer?

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