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What’s Happening, Baldwin Park?

Spend a few hours or even a day exploring Baldwin Park’s downtown district and you’ll be hooked. It’s that special.

“We are Baldwin Park.” It’s a phrase that residents take to heart, especially when it comes to the city’s treasured local businesses. If you’ve never wandered into Downtown Baldwin Park, you’re missing out on a treat. This quiet, self-contained community is full of surprises.

“Be careful, though. Once you’ve entered ‘The Bubble,’ you might not want to leave,” warns Brie Bernstell, multimedia and community coordinator for the Baldwin Park associations. “The Village Center has so many amazing independent restaurants, shops and bars that it’s hard to tear yourself away.” Another tip from Brie: “If you want to get the big picture, be sure to venture beyond the main street and explore some more.”

One of the city’s newest additions is Greenbeat, a company devoted to the idea that healthy, vibrant and flavorsome food should be accessible to everyone. “The community is ecstatic about this addition,” Brie notes. “You can build your own salads using locally sourced ingredients.”

Here are just a few of the businesses that bring Baldwin Park to life for residents and visitors throughout Central Florida.

Lafayette & Rushford

WHERE: 4876 New Broad Street, Orlando

WHAT: Whether it’s home décor, gifts, children/baby accessories or holiday, the Lafayette & Rushford team is constantly on the lookout for one-of-a-kind products to enhance any environment.

CONTACT: | 407.985.1562

The Osprey

WHERE: 4899 New Broad Street, Orlando

WHAT: Founded by Orlando restaurateurs Jason and Sue Chin of Good Salt Restaurant Group, The Osprey provides a modern coastal cuisine menu that highlights Florida’s sustainable seafood, plus The Oyster Bar.

CONTACT: | 407.960.7700


WHERE: 4851 New Broad Street, Orlando

WHAT: Greenbeat partners with local farms, suppliers and artisans to provide vibrant, fresh, seasonal and healthy ingredients. Their ultimate aim is to craft, from scratch, exquisite health-conscious meals.

CONTACT: | 407.420.7496

Victoria Jewelers

WHERE: 4845 New Broad St., Orlando

WHAT: This family business has become the premier location for engagement rings in Orlando. They also have a full-service repair shop and provide the highest quality jewelry appraisals in the business.

CONTACT: | 407.895.0047

Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

WHERE: 4898 New Broad St., Orlando

WHAT: Part of the Good Salt Restaurant Group, Seito Sushi is known for its delicious sushi and multiple Asian styles of cuisine. Their Baldwin Park location provides quality sourcing and gorgeous plating.

CONTACT: | 407.898.8801

Paper Goat Post

WHERE: 4875 New Broad St., Orlando

WHAT: The brainchild of two sisters, this funky stationery store merges a love of events with paper-loving roots to create a shop experience that can be shared with Orlando and beyond.

CONTACT: | 407.207.1264

Tactical Brewing Co.

WHERE: 4882 New Broad St., Orlando

WHAT: This unique brewery’s tagline says it all: “Strategically Chaotic Beer for Those Who Have Been There and Done That.” Their passion is helping fellow veterans and first responders.

CONTACT: | 407-203-2033

Bigote Men’s Grooming

WHERE: 4800 New Broad St., Orlando

WHAT: At Bigote it’s not just a haircut. It’s a turn-of-the-century, classic upscale barbershop with a touch of modern flare. The experience even includes a complimentary glass of draught beer (21+). 

CONTACT: | 407.895.8012

Baldwin Park Beauty

New Broad Street has a vibe all its own with unique shops, quality restaurants, lively bars and ongoing special events. This stunning fountain has become a treasured landmark for residents and visitors.