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Help Santa stuff stockings with wonder (and surprises!) through the support of local businesses

You know him as the guy who can do it all. He works 365 days a year, he’s the boss of countless overly joyful staff, he maintains a long list of names and must decide naughty or nice, again and again, and he keeps track of who wants what in which color and style. Not to mention the stress of wondering if this will be the year the chimneys are just a little too snug, the trust he puts into the flying ability of nine hard-working but exhausted reindeer who are led by a single headlight and don’t even try to count how many miles his team covers in ONE NIGHT. You know who we’re talking about. Some call him Captain Christmas; to others, he’s Jolly Ol’ St. Nick, but to most, he’s Santa Claus, and he needs a break.

If you want to get or stay on Santa’s nice list this year, you’re in luck! There is a fun variety of local businesses that can help you stay in good form with the big guy by padding the kids’ stockings with a few extras. And if you give Santa credit? Let’s just say your loyalty card is in the mail. Who knows, maybe a couple of goodies will show up in your holiday hosiery too, that is, if Santa erased the middle school “broken window mystery of 1994” from your behavior record. 

For the game lover in your life, Mystic Fortress Games has several winning options. Slip a pack or two of Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering cards in that felt Frosty the Snowman stocking, along with a themed Spot It game for cuddly winter game nights. While you’re there, grab some whimsical vinyl stickers for chrome book or water bottle décor, too!  

Your favorite bookworm will love the colorful bookmarks at Chapter One Books. They can add to their collection of unique page-saving placeholders, and because no bookmark shall ever go solo, select a crisp paperback or two to accompany them. No worries if they don’t quite fit. Wrap them in holiday cheer (a.k.a. the ugly Christmas sweater paper) and place them just beside your festive fireplace.

Warm their spirits and extremities with outdoor accessories from Nice Shirt Co. There you’ll find hats and mittens for all ages; some with a Waconia (or Minnesota Viking) color scheme, others in cable-knit for an ultra-cozy aesthetic or iconic fair isle (think snowflake-like motifs) so your youngsters can get that just-stepped-off-the-slopes-and-am-heading-to-the-chalet vibe. When outdoor enjoyment is over, they can drop a bomb in the bathtub, a holiday-themed bath bomb, that is. Who wouldn’t want to soak in gingerbread aroma this time of year?  

With a name like Tazzie Baby & Child, you know only an array of delightful treasures will come from this quaint children’s boutique. So, imagine the delight in your little one’s eyes when their fingers brush against a soft Taggie blanket or as they run down the stairs and see an elf lovey peeking over the edge of their plush-topped stocking. And don’t forget an exciting finale to your crack-of-dawn adventure with a mini puzzle or tiny truck tucked in the toe, a perfect place for a surprise. 

Teens can be hard to shop for, and let’s face it, they can also be stinky. Lucky for you, the Beauty Room has you covered…for both! Spongelle body wash-infused buffers are an excellent way for your teens to spruce up in the shower or bath before a Christmas day get-together or before heading back to school. Choose between the Extreme Buffer with spicy cayenne pepper extract built-in or one with refreshing coconut verbena. And while underwear isn’t always a welcome gift (Moms, we see you), they’ll definitely welcome some travel-sized toiletries in upscale, luxurious brands.

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