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Leave your worries at the door with Northern Nest Services

Before you set the thermostat low, leave a few lights on and lock up to enjoy a family getaway, there’s a heckuva lot to do. From packing suitcases to cleaning up your inbox at work, it’s a wonder you get out of the house on time and in one piece. There’s also the house to get prepped and the non-human children to get squared away. Call the pet sitter, ask the neighbor to take time out of her busy day to water your plants, don’t forget to hire the kid down the street to shovel, and oh - stop mail service for the week!  

If only there were a way to lighten the before-the-trip load so you can focus more of your efforts on swimsuit shopping…to minimize your to-dos… to actually feel a little calm after you leave. You’re in luck! Northern Nest Services is a professional home watch company that keeps an eye on your home when you can’t. They offer an extensive list of services tailored to each homeowner’s needs, such as watering plants, collecting mail (ahem, Amazon packages!), checking plumbing, and ensuring pools or spas are running smoothly, and you receive a detailed email report after every visit.

We asked Laura Schuh, who owns Northern Nest Services with her husband Matt, some questions so you can get acquainted and think of them the next time you’re heading out of town. Hint hint, spring break is right around the corner!

When and why did you start this company?

Northern Nest kicked off in the summer of 2023. We were looking to start a business where we could help people, and the idea came to us while we were preparing for our own family vacation. We were both working full time, with kids at home and backyard chickens. We don’t have relatives nearby to ask for help, and our neighbors are all busy raising families of their own, so asking them to check on the house was a real burden.

We realized helping people manage their houses while away fit well with our professional backgrounds, experience taking care of our own houses, and work building the family cabin.

We all work so hard year-round and put our hearts into our homes. When we finally get the opportunity to take a break and travel, that precious time should not be wasted worrying about what’s happening back home.

Tell me about the services you provide for your clients.

We provide regularly scheduled, custom, on-site visual inspections of your home’s interior and exterior, looking for obvious issues. Homeowners receive a detailed report, including photos for each visit. If a concern does arise, it will be immediately communicated, and Northern Nest can act as the homeowner’s advocate to remedy the situation.

We also offer ancillary services, like help with sensor setup, restocking your fridge before you return, or letting in and/or monitoring other vendors. We love making our clients’ lives just a little less stressful.

What role does peace of mind play in the services that you offer?

Peace of mind and mental wellness are integral to the services we offer. Truly enjoying your time away from home can be challenging when your mind is preoccupied with “what ifs.” Some people opt to leave their homes unattended while away, hoping for the best, but this can lead to a constant undercurrent of worry and uncertainty about weather, squatters, home mechanics, and the like.

Asking a family member or neighbor for help also comes with its own set of concerns. Additionally, there’s the question of whether those assisting them possess the time and ability to handle unexpected situations.

Our ultimate objective is to alleviate these worries by serving as our clients’ eyes, ears, and helping hands while they are away. A stress-free mind is a key contributor to enhanced mental wellness, and it significantly enhances the enjoyment and relaxation of every trip for our clients.

What do your clients have to say about their experience?

“I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the home watch service provided by Northern Nest Services, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. The owners were incredibly prompt and responsive, providing us with regular updates and even sending pictures of our home while we were away. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in ensuring the security and maintenance of our property gave us immense peace of mind throughout our absence. The level of professionalism and dedication displayed by Northern Nest Services is truly commendable, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable home watch assistance.” - Alison H, Chanhassen 

With spring break season around the corner, can you share the value of having a home watch company oversee your property while you’re away?

Our services are not exclusive to long-term travelers like snowbirds; they extend to individuals facing unforeseen hospital stays, work relocations, difficulties selling a home, or other life disruptions. Moreover, even when taking a short trip like spring break, vacationers encounter the challenge of preparing for their trips, which can be quite overwhelming on its own. On top of packing and travel arrangements, there are always those lingering matters back home that demand attention – plants, pets, mail, garbage, packages, and more.

Northern Nest is here to help you maintain control over your home-related responsibilities so that you can fully focus on being present during your travels. This added peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your vacation can make all the difference. https://NorthernNestServices.com

Truly enjoying your time away from home can be challenging when your mind is preoccupied with “what ifs.”

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