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What’s New in Waconia

Leave your suitcase at home and explore world flavors without leaving town   

One of the beauties of living in this community is that nearly everything you require for day-to-day needs and wants is right at your fingertips. You’re likely to find everything on your weekly list with the convenient grocery store options just down the street. Sick or looking for a trusted clinician to check on that questionable mole? We have a quality health system here for that. And when you have a hankering for French cuisine, you need only step inside The Noble Lion and order the Steak Au Poivre (with a glass of Malbec, of course). Instead of sailing across the ocean for a cultural exploration of the culinary sort, take your tastebuds on a trip around the world to these delectable local establishments.

Lola’s Lakehouse – Nothing says, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” than diving into the elevated menu at Lola’s Lakehouse for seafood-inspired dishes and unparalleled ambiance. Dream away on their large patio overlooking Lake Waconia while sipping on a signature cocktail and indulging in fresh oysters and a warm lobster roll. Or PEI mussels and a salmon salad. Or clam chowder and Chilean sea bass. Or…  

Med Box Grill Food Truck– When Med Box Grill pulls up, you know you’re in for a Mediterranean treat. Since 2017 the passionate chefs inside this rolling kitchen have been serving their visitors savory falafel, fresh Greek salads, and the most decadent baklava this side of the Aegean. When you see their signature yellow and white food truck, run, don’t walk.   

Noble Lion – The patio is open at this European-style eatery in downtown Victoria! Set sail on your epicurean adventure with their small plate and sharable menu. The beef tartare or burrata are excellent choices to start with, followed by delighting your palate with the branzino or jagerschnitzel. And always with a side of their Belgian-style frites with sauces. Next, pay a visit to The Lion’s Den, their tucked-away bar situated across the alleyway, is full of classy décor, high-end liquor, and specialty cocktails.

Pau Pau Sushi – Imagine discovering the freshest rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and more - made with premium ingredients and showcasing eye-catching presentation - inside a grocery store! Well, it’s true. You’ll find Pau Pau Sushi crafting its exquisite and flavorful delicacies in Mackenthun’s Fine Foods, and you should find yourself there, too. Thank us later.  

Pep Island Food Trailer – Comfort food plus a tropical twist equals a flavor fiesta. Their 2024 summer menu consists of sun-drenched items like island sliders, Margherita quesadillas, and a gigantic hot dog… You’ll understand how big it is when you see its cheeky name. If you’re a true Islander (the moniker they’ve given their followers), you’ll spot their tie-dyed truck a mile away. If you’re a newbie, just follow your nose.  

Sizzle Street – This self-proclaimed Indian restaurant “with a twist” will leave a lasting impression on your appetite. Their story is a rich one, and the dishes they create reflect their expertise and commitment to perfection. If you’re a buff of Indian fare, go for your trusted classics, but be sure to venture out of the norm – there’s so much to choose from! If you’re a newcomer to this cuisine, don’t be intimidated. This family-owned operation will be sure to guide you through the menu.

Tacos La Catrina Food Truck – This Mexican food truck has a permanent spot in Waconia, so you can always rely on hot, authentic Mexican fare parked at 140 West Highway 5. Asada tacos, a pastor burrito, chicken tortas, or shredded beef quesadillas, it’s really hard to pick. Top off your order of choice with chips and guacamole or salsa, because, why not, and also, have you ever heard someone say, ‘I really wish I hadn’t ordered the chips and guacamole or salsa?’

Winchester & Rye – Get a little taste of Italy at this upscale dining venue. They beautifully and deliciously craft handmade pizzas in their grandiose wood-fired oven with styles like The White Hot Arugula, So Gouda, or the Wiseguy. And their tortellini seem to be made with magic… and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Mangia!