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What’s Poppin at Poppi

We spoke with co-founder and Chief Brand Office Allison Ellsworth

If you haven’t tried one, you’ve certainly seen Poppi, the better-for-you soda in brightly colored cans. There are currently 11 flavors sold in over 35,000 stores nationwide! It was founded by Austin-based husband-and-wife duo Stephen, Chief Innovation Officer who runs operations, and Allison Ellsworth with the help of funding they received pitching on Shark Tank in April 2018! We spoke to Allison to learn more about this buzzy beverage.

How did you come up with the idea for Poppi?

I’d been looking for something to help with my chronic health issues and stumbled upon apple cider vinegar, which has traditionally been used for centuries in medicine. I tried drinking it in shot form, but I couldn’t stomach the bitter, tough-to-swallow taste! I started mixing it with fruit juice in my kitchen and after a lot of experimentation, I realized I had created a soda that’s not only better-for-you, but extremely tasty.

How was being on Shark Tank?

Such a trip! Not only was I pregnant during the entire casting process, I was extremely close to my due date when we actually got the call that we’d be going in front of the Sharks. It was so interesting to get to peek behind the curtain of the show and meet all the amazing Sharks, and at this point, Rohan and I are close friends. I’m so grateful to the show, it really couldn’t have gone any better!

What’s in Poppi besides apple cider vinegar?

We primarily use sparkling water, fruit juices, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, organic agave inulin, cane sugar and just a dash of stevia. Nothing artificial!

How is Poppi a better-for-you soda?

Not only is it created with natural, high-quality ingredients, but it’s also changing the game for soda lovers with less sugar and calories compared to traditional sodas. Plus, it has prebiotics for your gut, all while wrapped in refreshing, delicious flavor.

Is it okay to drink more than one Poppi a day even though it has prebiotics?

Of course! We enjoy 3-4 a day here at Poppi HQ.

Who are some of the investors our readers may know?

Poppi investors include star-studded names like Jared Leto, Olivia Munn, Russel Westbrook, Kygo and Shay Mitchell.

Is Poppi okay for kids to drink?

Sure is! My kids are obsessed.

What do you love about having a business based in Austin?

Austin leads culture in Texas and is such a fun, vibrant place to live and work. It has the best food, music, art, outdoor activities…the list goes on! There’s never a shortage of inspiration in Austin.

What’s your long-term vision with Poppi?

To become the #1 soda, period!