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“When a man learns how to cry, he learns compassion”

Over the last decade, ideas around masculinity have massively changed. The lone wolf mentality is losing traction in today's society.

About seven months ago, some dear friends Preston Smiles, Garrian Jones, and Stefanos Sifandos and I got together for a weekly men's workout, and realized a need to be in community and brotherhood. So we created a company called M Powered Brotherhood, based here in Austin. We currently have over 1k members, host weekly workouts for hundreds of men here, and have an online membership that delivers courses, personal development coaching, and community for men to connect.

Here are five ways men can harness their power for good right now! 


Find a COMMUNITY of men who are “doing the work.”  Surrounding yourself with like-minded men who are all striving to be better in the world is crucial to your evolution. Men need to lead, but they also need to be taught. Learning humility and defining the art of leadership are skills we learn through community. Having support and the vulnerability to ask for it are vital tools for the masculine. Too often, we suffer in silence. Being in a community creates a safe space for men to vocalize their emotions be heard and loved. This increases their levels of communication which trickles into all aspects of their lives, creating a positive shift. Think about how many marriages could be saved by simply communicating your needs from a loving place rather than repressed anger.


Get rooted in the art of SERVICE. A dear friend of mine, Branden Collinsworth, Nike trainer and founder of Warrior retreats, once told me “I don't care about how much money you make. Show me your level of service!”  If you want to impact your life and others, you must ask yourself, “how can I serve?” Service is the foundation to all success. 


Take RESPONSIBILITY for your life. Men love to play the “blame” game. This creates a weakness in our framework. We make excuses for our actions. Learning to step in and simply “own it” builds confidence. It also creates respect amongst your peers. If you are ten minutes late to a scheduled meeting, no one wants to hear that there was heavy traffic on 290. 


Learn that VULNERABILITY is your superpower. Men are known for holding back their feelings. We know that suppression of emotions leads to an explosion down the road—usually a very unhealthy expression of the masculine. Men get to feel safe and open-hearted with what's real in their lives. If they are sad, depressed, battling addiction, holding anger… all of it needs a healthy platform to be released. If men suppress feelings and emotions, it builds shame, leading to resentment. 


Deepen your GRATITUDE. As men, we are prone to having more! More money, more muscles, more more more. Slow down, brother. Take a look around and count those blessings. Spending five minutes a day in deep gratitude for all the current benefits creates a vibration for receiving what life wants to give you. We often look past the miracles we have in our lives and spend countless hours striving to obtain more than we probably need. The key to life is to be humble, not boastful.  Gratitude is the attitude! 

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