When An Outfit is a Catalyst for Confidence

This organization is helping women of all ages gain confidence through a unique shopping experience.

TenThirtyFive is more than just a second-hand, upscale boutique. What began as a storage unit and a pull-behind trailer has benefitted more than 500 women in need through two retail locations in Middle Tennessee. It all started with Angie Brantley. She knows firsthand the positive and negative impact that someone else can have on your life. As a young woman, she recalls letting other people and things determine her identity and worth. 

After graduating from MTSU, she pursued a career in social work, where she saw girls with the same insecurities and felt a calling to help them. For Brantley, it wasn’t until she found a solid tribe in adulthood that she was able to come out on the other side. In 2019, she was a married mom of two boys and still strongly desired to equip and enable other women. She combined this passion with her retail experience, knowing that an outfit can be a catalyst for confidence.

The original 17x7 trailer was outfitted with hardwood floors and a dressing room. One of their initial partnerships was through Youth Villages, a group home in the Nashville area, where each girl would receive five outfits. Word began to spread, and Brantley quickly realized they needed a larger location, which would allow them to serve more women and accommodate a more extensive selection of styles. Additional partnerships were formed, and TenThirtyFive now receives donations from local businesses, individuals, and other organizations.

In Fall 2022, a second retail location opened in Mount Juliet that’s open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Brantley says they have everything from Target to Jimmy Choo. You can often find items from Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, Coach, Chico, and other boutique brands, including apparel, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Each purchase allows TenThirtyFive to provide vouchers for women needing to receive three tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and brand-new undergarments and beauty items. They currently serve girls in foster care, ladies in transitional housing, and those starting over in the workforce. Seeing how a bag of high-quality items can completely lift someone’s confidence is incredible. One recipient commented, “Y’all blessed us so much. It’s honestly my favorite memory and something I’ll never forget!” Another said, “My visit was amazing, and my every need was tended to. Thank you!’

The mobile boutique is still in service too. It recently made its way to local high schools with formal wear at Prom Pop-Up Events. They also stock Resource Closets for nearby organizations and schools with apparel and hygiene products in Davidson and Wilson County. In the future, Brantley hopes to see their non-profit expand into other cities and other countries. 

TenThirtyFive hosts an annual fashion show where attendees can see recipients' model outfits. This event includes appetizers, a raffle, and a silent auction. Additionally, sponsors can support them through direct clothing donations or financial contributions. High-demand items and event details can be found on their website, TenThirtyFive.net

“TenThirtyFive is a connection to Hebrews 10:35. We identify as a confident hope and believe that if we keep pressing along, God will supply.”

“It has second-hand clothing, but the atmosphere feels like a high-end boutique. The mission to provide resources to young women makes it even better. TenThirtyFive is a must-visit!”

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