When Mind & Body Align

Missoula Movement and Mindset offers a personalized approach to health and wellness

Josh Nordwick played football. He also practiced meditation. But it wasn’t until several years post-high school that his worlds of strength training and mindfulness came together—a combination that moved him to found Missoula Movement and Mindset. 

“At first, there wasn’t a correlation between lifting weights and mindset,” Josh explained. “But as time went on, they blended together and bridged the gap.” 

Josh spend years traveling the northwestern United States, building a career out of personal training, yoga-based teaching, and wellness podcasts. He made his way back to Missoula and started Missoula Movement and Mindset in May of 2019. 

“We work off the four pillars of movement, mindset, nutrition, and accountability,” Josh said. “Through those pillars, we help people deal with life transitions.” 

The Missoula Movement and Mindset team works with clients who desire a customized approach to their health and wellness. 

“The really common factor is people who’ve tried everything else and those approaches haven’t worked,” Josh said. “They come to us wanting a different approach.” 

At Missoula Movement and Mindset, new clients complete an in-depth intake questionnaire and assessment that helps Josh and his team of coaches develop personalized plans. 

“We get really in depth with a person’s goals,” Josh said. “We help them find their intrinsic motivation.”

Josh pointed out that unlike traditional gyms or fitness programs that tell a person what to do, the coaches at Missoula Movement and Mindset focus on an individual’s goals and how the coach can help a client achieve those goals, providing accountability check-ins along the way. 

The spring of 2020 ushered in many societal changes—some temporary and some long-term. Josh said he made the decision to close the Missoula Movement and Mindset studio temporarily before COVID-19 regulations were placed, moving all classes and coaching to the studio’s app. 

While Missoula Movement and Mindset offers a hybrid approach to fitness (in-person classes and access to workouts through the app are available) the premise remains the same: build a plan based on needs and goals and be held accountable for working toward those goals. 

“People are busy. Whenever something is more efficient, it can be a game changer,” Josh explained. “Our model works because it’s based in commitment, investment, and relationship. You’ll build a relationship with someone who is invested in your health. And that grows commitment.” 

Josh implements the use of a steel mace, an ancient Hindu martial arts tool, to build strength and confidence with clients. 

“Something lights up when people use the mace,” Josh said. “They feel empowered physically and that leaks over into other areas of their lives. We’re able to increase movement intelligence with the mace, increasing consistency and willpower not only with their physical strength but with mental strength as well.” 

Membership rates at Missoula Movement and Mindset depend on need and level of accountability. Josh often offers 21-day transformation challenges to give potential clients a taste for the program and style. 

“It’s a different way. If you’ve tried the conventional approaches and haven’t been able to make long-term change, we’re here to help,” Josh said. “We are helping people make lifestyle transformations that are sustainable, long-term.” 

Align Your Mind & Body

Missoula Movement and Mindset


805 North Russell Street, Suite #4

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