When the Man Cave Becomes Home

Living in a box

When I was a kid I dreamed of having a workshop where I could tinker with all things mechanical, take my car to pieces, and spill the occasional bit of oil on the floor without my father going crazy. Thirty five years later, my dream has come true. 

I moved to the USA in 2017 to set up a company specializing in wine walls. One thing that we build is cabinetry, and this requires a workshop. We had an office, but it was just an office, and as the company grew, it needed a proper workshop. 

The workshop is a thinly veiled disguise for a man cave. It contains (almost) everything you could wish for. It has an office and a store room to keep all those tools that you still definitely need, or so you told yourself at the time. It has a table and chairs.

Naturally, it has a TV that is connected to a sound system, complete with subwoofer and wall mounted speakers. A kettle for tea drinkers, and a coffee machine for the caffeine addicts has pride of place on top of the fridge.

The workshop must have an array of lethal tools, such as a table saw, radial saw, miter saw, and all manner of drilling apparatus. It needs an air compressor for the spray gun, and also the nail gun that is used for building cabinetry.

The floor should be epoxy sealed, so that when the inevitable oil spill occurs, it doesn't seep into the concrete and leave a nasty stain. It also makes for easy clean ups too.

And finally, the man cave, sorry, workshop, needs to be a place where you feel completely at home with your own company, and ready to take on the world when it comes to all things creative. It should be a personal and spiritual sanctuary.

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