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When the Ordinary Is Compelling

Quidley & Company

Quidley & Company is proud to feature the brilliant works of artist Greg Haynes, a realism oil painter that lives and works in Wenham, Massachusetts. Glass bottles, candy, and metal are just a few of the subject matter that Greg has been exploring in his paintings over the last two decades since he graduated from art school in 2003. Larger-than-life explorations of scale and visual distortions are common themes throughout Greg's work. Seeing these works in person is ideal due to the scale and detail.  

"The idea of taking ordinary objects and showing them in a way that is visually compelling has long been one of the challenges of the realism painter. This challenge is one of the main drivers of my work and something I have spent many hours contemplating. Lately, more and more time has been spent on the planning, photography, and layout aspects of my work. I've realized that the more complex, three-dimensional works are not only a fun challenge for me, but also receive a strong response from viewers. One of the most important aspects of any project is to have fun creating and not take any subject matter too seriously."
The larger works, such as "Big Glass" (4 x 8ft), take hundreds of hours to complete. A universe of detail can be explored when viewing these pieces, from the crackled glass to the raised writing on the bottles.  

Quidley & Company proudly features Greg Haynes in their Naples Gallery at 375 Broad Ave.

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