Where Agriculture and Economic Development Intersect

City of South Fulton Celebrates Agritourism

Councilwoman Catherine Rowell knows agriculture and economic development are two of the most financially rewarding industries in Georgia, and she also knows that the City of South Fulton has several businesses in that sector. She recently authored a resolution to highlight businesses in the city that support Georgia’s top industries.

October 2021 is Agritourism Month in the City of South Fulton. During Agritourism Month, several businesses within the city limits who answered the call and agreed to be highlighted will be introduced to the public.

A few businesses in the city that offer agribusiness services include   

·      Miller City Farms ( Miller City Farms is a 4-acre farm run by Farmer Willie, offering non-GMO, organic, heirloom, and seasonal produce. A subscription of seasonal fare (fruits and vegetables) for families is a great way to introduce people to true farm-to-table foods.

·      Georgia Roots ( Located in an urban area, this farm uses small plots of land and a “no-till” method to ensure that quality soil continues to be available. Run by Farmers Kennise and Kwesi Elder and Nalean Chisolm, the farm bases goods on two seasons: warm and cool. Examples of what you can find in the cool season include kale, collards, and turnips and during the warm season, cucumbers, hot peppers, and tomatoes. Want to learn about farming? Consider volunteering on the farm.

·      Rolling Hills Horse Ranch ( Who said city folk don’t ride horses? Not visitors to Rolling Hills Horse Ranch, a small ranch offering a horseback riding experience not to be missed. It’s not the highest rated horseback riding experience in Georgia for nothing—this ranch offers a unique riding experience within city limits. Need proof you were actually there? They offer photo and video shoots with the gorgeous horses so you can brag now and later.

·      Stretch Out on Faith Again Ranch ( Daryl Fletcher’s time on his grandparents’ farm learning about farming and horses gives visitors to this ranch a unique experience. He wants to share his love of horses and people (he is a youth pastor) by using horses to help children and adults overcome anxieties, build confidence, and learn to communicate effectively. Want to help expand the ranch? Consider donating toward the goal of $750,000 to purchase 100 acres of land that will house a new barn and training facilities.

·      Rhinehart Farm ( Your backyard garden that isn’t in YOUR backyard. A visit to this farm isn’t complete until you stop by the Cottage Kitchen and fill up on fresh farm goodness like eggs, honey, and a variety of teas and cakes. Interested in CBD? This farm has it and can help you understand which CBD product might be best for you. Can’t make it to the farm? A subscription box might be perfect for you.

The City of South Fulton has so much to offer, and with 4.5 million acres of farmland in Georgia, we hope you will agree that agribusiness owners within the city limits offer a wide variety of quality services and hidden gems.

To learn more about Agritourism Month, visit

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