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Where Art Intersects

Increasingly, investors understand as a future best bet, art as NFTs is now a solid medium

Understanding where art and technology intersect and helping shrewd investors to understand the burgeoning opportunities are what inspire art consultant and gallery owner, Marlissa Gardner. She has been in Naples for eight years, and is ahead of the curve, with a cutting-edge approach and a demonstrated determination and leadership in guiding people in the evolving nature of the art business. 

With an ability to discern the needs of a variety of buyers - high net-worth individuals to financial institutions and corporations - her reputation for insight, quality, and speed of execution has established her position as one of the foremost art consultants and dealers in the sector.

“Due to ever-changing trends and the evolution of technology and art combined, we are entering an interesting juncture between tech, art, and investment,” Marlissa says. She is the owner of Emillions Art. Her foundation in art and business has allowed her the ability to now be involved in the push into the NFT market. “The investment world is slow to see that art, in and of itself, as an asset class. However, between 2000 and 2020, art as an asset has outperformed the S&P by 180%.”

Increasingly, investors understand as a future best bet, art as NFTs is now a solid medium in the world of the investor class, she says. “Art has crossed a challenge barrier for many of the small investors as well as large, allowing diversification of portfolios all due to NFTs. I believe fine art needs to be recognized in this arena as attention grows in the market bridging a much-needed gap for fine art and tech investors alike. My focus is to close that gap. More to come on that subject as the world of NFTs unfolds in front of us- rest assured there is a lot to learn- and these are the best times to talk about this subject.”

As an initial discussion, Marlissa presented the first-ever NFT here in Naples of Frank Sinatra’s mug shot from 1939 called “The Price of Seduction."  The key point of this discussion was the added component of the high-quality physical packaged with the original digital and its animated addition, made rare and exclusive through NFT technology.  Exciting, energetic, and full of flavor, this work is show-stopping and awe-inspiring.

From a background in film and creative arts at Boston University, Marlissa has built Emillions Art, founded on an international network of trusted business relationships among experts, academics, and with artists and clients globally.