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A letter from a Wellfit Girls Graduate

Wellfit Girls has had such a large impact on my life that is still seen two years later. If it weren't for the self-confidence and self-recognition I was able to develop during my time with Wellfit Girls, I wouldn't have even considered going to the college I go to now. The intrinsic motivation I have has always been within me, but the Wellfit team brought it to the surface. I wanted to make a difference and follow my passion so the team taught me the best acronym I have ever heard: BHAG. Big Hairy A$$ Goal, a goal you strive to reach even though the chances of getting there are 50%. This 50% chance is not a deterrent, it is the greatest motivation I could ever ask for. Maybe someone from the outside might be able to see the difference this acronym made but in 20 years, trust me, it will be apparent when I am sitting in my office at the Department of Education. So what do I do every day? I go to class with a good attitude because I have learned that I am in such a grateful standing. On the expedition, we helped build a source of income to support a little girl's education. A girl whose photo and pure happiness sits on my home screen to remind me what I have. The self-recognition that I unearthed when I accepted the award from my group at the end led me to seek out leadership positions that I have fought to get. Never would I have thought I would be able to intern at a law firm, as a sophomore, in a sea of law student interns. Or working to show how much I am willing to work to become Director of Community Relations for Emory Miracle, a branch of the Miracle Network that spreads across the country. People always told me I was soft-spoken and was too nice to make the difference I want to make. I knew within me I had what it takes to make a difference but just to help push me to communicate more efficiently with strangers, I applied to be, and now am, a tour guide. But now, I know these doubts that were in my mind when I was in high school are no longer. I know I can, so I do. I know I deserve to be surrounded by people who support me and add to my life so that's what I have now. I know whenever I need it, Colby and Rio are ready with open ears. I know that I can call the friends that I made through Wellfit with no worry. I know not to let others' perceptions of me affect me because my health is more important than their opinions. This self-assurance exudes off me and people now see my internal shine they previously dulled. To whoever is reading this, Wellfit Girls is the most incredible experience, life lesson, and training and I was only able to be part of it due to a scholarship that was rewarded to me. With this grant, my leaders and role models will continue to make a difference to girls that I know are in need of what Wellfit has to offer because I was one of those girls without even knowing it. Best,
 Maria Gomez
 Emory University Class of 2022
 Wellfit Girls 2018 (Fort Myers High School) Wellfit Girls offers leadership, fitness, and empowerment programs for middle and high school girls in Lee and Collier counties. Their mission is to inspire, challenge and empower teen girls to climb high in all areas of life through transformational leadership programs. 

Find out about how you can help girls engage and grow at WellfitGirls.org

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