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Meet Stacey Wyatt

Sue G. Collins: You bring an architectural engineering mind, a builder background and an investor mentality to real estate. That's an interesting combination. 

Stacey Wyatt: For most people, a primary residence is one of the largest assets they will purchase. So when it is time to sell, property owners want to identify a seasoned agent partner that can help them extract the most equity with the least amount of stress. They want to partner with someone that looks at their equity as if it were their own.

The engineering mind allows us to evaluate their home in a highly analytical way because no two properties are ever the same. We take into consideration the location, lot size and features, the home's floor plan, size, condition, and upgrades to determine a strategic list price that will generate the most attention. Our pricing and unique listing strategy have netted our seller more money than the average agent for the last five years running.

The contractor and investor background helps us give the best advice to sellers upfront on what small improvements or repairs will yield the greatest return at the time of sale. Our background becomes even more important during due diligence, aka inspection period, when buyers and agents alike raise various concerns. When you are negotiating against a licensed general contractor it is near impossible to inflate an issue or suggest repairs that cost more than they should. We also utilize our contractor experience to help resolve complicated repair issues as well as guide the co-op agent and their clients to an amicable resolution that otherwise would kill a contract.

SGC: And the creative piece of the puzzle?

SW: With our architectural background, or the creative side, we can market our seller's homes in very unique ways. This is the fun part! Every home has a story and we love to tell it through our photography, video, and creative writing skills. After all, the best listing agents are not only savage negotiators, they are great storytellers who, through their marketing, can drive the most amount of traffic and eyeballs to a home with the goal of getting one buyer to fall in absolute love!

SGC: You have always been active in the community and make philanthropy a priority.

SW: We have always enjoyed giving back to our community that has supported our business when we were a small start-up to where we have now served over 1,000 clients in 14 metro counties. As a relationship based, versus transaction-based real estate group we host large events for our clients, friends, family, and sphere of influence. At every event, we have a charitable component. At our Fall Festival, we collect dry and canned foods and personal hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap (Irish Spring of course) at our St Paddy's Day Event. This past year we were able to donate over 11 bags of groceries, 6 family and 21 individual personal hygiene kits to Must Ministries.

We are "Partners in Education" with multiple schools where we provide financial assistance, in-kind contributions and other resources. We love to dote on the teachers and staff that work tirelessly to educate our children by providing breakfast, lunches or the occasional coffee when we just want to say thanks! Most recently, we donated sports equipment to a local elementary school. We hosted a Pups and Pints event at Lucky's Burger and Brew Roswell location, where clients and friends were able to hang out on their back lawn, have a beer on us, and get a photo with their pup! We collected dry food, pee pads, and toys to donate to our friends at Angels Among Us.


141 Norcross Street, Roswell 

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