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Transforming Storage Space into Family Sanctuary—It’s What Perennial Does Best

Jennifer Schwab lost her mother to cancer in May 2022—Cindy Couch was 69 years old. Yet her death offered another reminder to the Schwab family of life’s impermanence.

This Loveland family—Jennifer, Tom, their teenage daughter and son—knows better than to take their together-time for granted. High school extracurricular nights aside, they pride themselves on family dinners for four.

“I think we recognize that they’re not here forever,” Tom says. He seems to almost protest the empty nest, the quieter home.

“Family dinners are a lost art,” Adam Kidwell adds. Adam’s the project design manager for Perennial Professional Services. Perennial has designed and built kitchens, decks, bathrooms and basements across Loveland and Greater Cincinnati for more than 35 years. 

The Perennial crew recently remodeled Jennifer and Tom’s basement—turning it from a cinderblock cellar to the Schwab family community club.

The renovation includes an incredibly large bar that incorporates structural features into the space, glassed wine closet, lounge area, bedroom, steam and shower room, home gym, and a recreation storage area near the sliding door that leads to their in-ground pool. And televisions.

“Our vision was if there were multiple games of the same sport going on at the same time, we could watch them all,” Jennifer smiles. “But it’s nice that we can turn on HGTV on at least one TV.”

Get to know the Schwabs and one realizes this space is much more than a flex on any new HGTV fad. It’s a haven for all those they host.

“In hindsight, we wish we would have done this sooner,” Jennifer says. She’s referring to her teenagers who, for reasons that befuddle Jennifer, would rather hang with their friends. But almost immediately after the renovation, the kids and their crews planted their flags in the new Schwab sanctuary.

“It makes me feel good they want to be here,” Jennifer starts.  

“So they can be kids,” Tom finishes. “We’ll host our son’s soccer team for their end-of-season get-together.” Should be lively, which makes Tom happy.

“It’s a safe place to hang.” That’s Adam again. Creating safe places to hang is just part of what he does best.

The Schwabs found Perennial through neighbor referrals.

“I’d say repeats and referrals from prior customers make up 80 to 85 percent of our business,” Adam says.

The Schwabs committed to Perennial because of their people.

“Half the battle was finding someone you think you can trust,” Jennifer says.

Trust includes knowing the family you’re designing and building for—and breathing life into a vision. Perennial achieves this responsibility, first, by not depending on subcontractors.

“It gives us control of the projects because we’re not dealing with five or six peoples’ different schedules,” Adam says.

Trust also depends on partnership, which Perennial fosters with its families throughout the process. Perennial prides itself on its 110 years of experience between Adam, owner Tim Gill and Scott the primary carpenter. Their combined master skills allow them to pivot and to please each family they meet.

“We work very hard to try and stay ahead of things,” Adam says. “But we still have the ability to make changes for a customer’s request and not hold up the project.”

When Jennifer and Tom had an idea for the bathroom, Adam—like a wizard with his wand—ensured their steam shower came to life. Jennifer had an idea to utilize the space under the staircase and, voilà, a glassed wine closet was born. A subtle nod to Cindy. 

“She really liked her wine,” Jennifer laughs about her mother. “She would have been thrilled with it.”

Cindy never got to hang out in the Schwab’s new space, but her husband Gary does.

“He’s probably over here once a week,” Tom smiles. Tom does this—smiles—every time he speaks of family and friends. And the space they all hang out in now. | 308 S. Riverside Ave, Loveland | 513.683.7222

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