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Where to Buy Meyer Lemon Trees + Treats


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by The Spruce + Provided

Mother's Day is coming soon, and if you're social distancing from your mom right now, you may be looking for gifts you can buy online and have delivered to her house.

Mother's Day gifts usually have an element of spring and sunshine to them—that's why flower bouquets are so popular for this day! But instead of flowers that will eventually wilt, consider getting your mom something she can use, whether that's a plant that will continue to bloom every spring, or some baking mixes she can try.

Meyer lemons are in season, and they make the best lemon desserts. Below I've linked where you can order a Meyer lemon tree that grows in a pot, plus some unique Meyer lemon products and treats.

Whether your mom is more of a gardener or a baker, there's something here for her. But first, what is a Meyer lemon, and what do they taste like?

This graphic from The Spruce breaks it down. Keep scrolling to shop for Meyer lemons!

"Meyer lemons can frequently be used in place of lemons for a sweeter result, or in place of oranges for a tarter dish."
—Molly Watson, The Spruce

Shop Meyer Lemon Trees

"Whether they plant this hardy tree in the ground (it can reach heights of up to six feet) or leave it potted on the patio or in a sunny kitchen, our versatile and adaptable tree is one everyone will enjoy all throughout the year."

"The Meyer Lemon is the ideal tree to grow in a pot and overwinter indoors. It will only grow 6 – 8 feet tall and will thrive for many years in a pot."
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Shop Meyer Lemon Treats

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