Michael Memsic

Owner, Sanitas


Please share with us in two sentences the backstory of Sanitas, how you and co-founder Chris Coyne launched this idea and brought it to fruition? 

Chris Coyne and I were long time brewers and friends. Both of us started working in breweries while in college and after 10+ years each working in the trade, we took the leap to launch the dream of owning our own brewery, Sanitas.

What brings you the most joy in your craft...

It started with a love affair with a liquid and has transformed into a passion for community and culture. From the small team we have here at the brewery, to our super fans, to folks who grab six packs from time to time - tapping into the drive and passions of each and every person that comes in contact with Sanitas Brewing shapes how we look at our work. Constantly seeking new ways to celebrate those that drink our beer and what they are striving for is my driving passion.

What currently inspires you and your team…

Our industry is fast moving and a ton of fun. Watching what other brewers are working on and learning from everyone is a source of constant inspiration. Hunting for new things to try, taste, and be inspired by is a huge driver for us.

The best way to give back...

I love where I live and where I work. Being involved in the community in Boulder and being associated with a lot of the good that happens in this town makes me proud every day! Any time we can help people in our community who are pushing for better, I am down. Causes including climate change, water quality and supporting the youth have been at the core of our philanthropic efforts, but we are eager and excited to help with every worthy cause that brings change and innovation for the better.

Please share with us insight into your sustainable practices….

A lot of the brewing process has naturally evolved into becoming more and more sustainable and we are always pushing for more ways to make brewing better. The smart use of resources like water and grain (which is not always easy in our industry) is something I am passionate about. We have loved being part of a positive cycle of grain use – our being able to give used grain to local farmers. Getting to provide a great product for cattle makes brewers, farmers, and cows all happy!

Greatest lesson you’ve learned being in the beer industry...

This list is long, probably long enough to write the first 5-10 chapters of a book. Big take-aways for me revolve around people, managing cash flow and work life balance. Our team at Sanitas is so important and valuable to our success, without them we have nothing. Beyond our staff, we need customers to drink enjoy and celebrate our beer. So every day we are dependent on people. Understanding what motivates them and how we can help them pursue their own passions is a constantly learning opportunity. Cash flow is a monster challenge throughout the year, I think I will go to my grave still making mistakes when it comes to cash flow. Relating back to people and team, we are very fortunate to have Zach Jardinico, a leader on our team, who keeps me in check and our books clean. Finally, work life balance. I have failed to find this many a time and constantly been shown just how valuable a characteristic this is over and over again. Although I do not live a life with great balance, I highly recommend prioritizing it for others.

What does it mean to Sanitas to partner together with Month of Modern this year….

I think this is a super cool opportunity! I think MOM does a fun and unique job of celebrating amazing art, architecture and our fun/unique/weird town that we call Boulder!

Who is behind the killer branding...

Our brand has been the work of many team members over the years – but it has always been driven by what our fans are inspired by, what they are striving for. We stay true to our ethos with our owl and key elements, but have enjoyed updating the styles of merch, cans and beyond to match the energy we get from our customers in the tap room and all over Colorado. Today Chelsea Zaloumis leads this charge internally. She is constantly out chatting with people on the patio, on trails, and around Boulder/Denver and has been a big part of the change in labels, our social growth, and those killer photos you find on Instagram.  

What’s next…

Keep fighting the good fight! We are pushing to continue to grow our footprint throughout Colorado to serve our thirsty fans with more beer varieties and quantity in liquor stores and restaurants. Beyond that, I am a big believer in more tap rooms and additional locations. I am optimistic that we will be able to execute an additional location(s) in the coming year or two.


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