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LIV Sotheby’s Hawk Vanek

Article by Chantel Ellerington

Photography by Danielle Webster

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Q: How do you incorporate sustainability into your work? 

A: As a Boulder native, I was taught by my environmental conscious (AKA Hippy) parents to always keep mother earth in mind. As a Real Estate Advisor, I drive A LOT, so to maximize carpooling, I take my clients on a relaxing drive when touring homes. I was an early adopter of e-signatures with DocuSign, which significantly reduces the amount of paper in each transaction. 

Q: What currently inspires you? 

A: Being able to assist clients, friends and family in achieving their real estate and financial goals inspires me every day. The military have coins that represent Respect, Trust and Camaraderie. To follow in the footsteps of this great tradition, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty presents agents and staff with a LIV Coin to carry at all times. One side says “LIV Sotheby’s International Realty is a collaborative partnership, backed by a World Class Brand, passionate about helping people.” The other says, “Inspiring People to LIV the Life they Love”, “People”, “Integrity”, “Service” and “Innovation”. This Coin is a reminder and inspiration to me every day to do my best to help everyone around me.

Q: How does working in Boulder encourage a more thoughtful/eco friendly lifestyle?

A: Boulder is one of the most active communities in the country, and with that comes gratitude and respect for the environment. Boulder’s businesses, workers, and customers love being able to walk, jog, bike, or use public transportation. I really enjoy working with sellers in Boulder county, like my upcoming listing in Blue Heron Estates, where the owners have made their home more environmentally friendly by adding Solar Panels, High Efficiency Furnace and Hot Water Heaters, Radiant Heated Flooring, Upgraded Insulation and more. If you are interested in a home with these “green” features in an amazing community, please contact me at SoarWithHawk@me.com or call me at 303-912-7317 for more details. 

Q: What is the best way to give back locally? Do you have a go-to non-profit or organization? 

A: I support A Precious Child Foundation (https://apreciouschild.org), which provides opportunities and resources to children in need and to empower them to achieve their full potential. My Mom is starting The Neighborhood Angels Foundation, which I will be supporting. Their mission is to provide assistance to those in the community who may need help walking a dog, paying for a medical procedure or getting a car. For more information, or to find out how to make a grassroots donation, please contact Liz Vanek: ColoradoGirl777@gmail.com

Q: Name a few items that help you live a more conscious lifestyle? 

A: We shop at Whole Foods and Alfalfas so basically everything we use is organic and natural. We support local businesses like the shops (Due South), farms (Cure Farm), distilleries (Altitude Spirits) and craft breweries (Oasis Brewery). We love living in an area where we have easy access to food, products and businesses that align with our lifestyle. 

Q: How do you pursue a balanced lifestyle?

A: As an entrepreneur, creating a balanced lifestyle can be difficult. We love to work, we love to serve our clients and we love to investigate “what is next”. I keep in mind that personal care and family are #1 so I make sure I am present for my amazing wife and 2 wonderful kids. When I have time left over, I ski, travel, workout, and cheer on the Broncos

Q: What are your success habits?

A: 2.5 years ago I had my first experience with Ninja Selling, which took what I believed and raised it to the next level by creating a positive mindset to be the best person possible. I start the day with affirmations of gratitude which is the most important habit for the success of my business and my well-being. 

Q: What’s next... 

A: That is always the question for entrepreneurs and my answer… The sky's the limit! Come soar with Hawk! 

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