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Christy Lopp joins the team at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates

Article by Chelsea Lyn Agro

Photography by Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates

Originally published in Missoula Valley Lifestyle

Christy Lopp knows the female body. 

As a registered nurse for 12 years and an AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) board certified nurse practitioner for five years, Christy has seen the miracles and challenges that a woman's body undergoes throughout a lifetime, starting with her early years when she, herself, became a mother. It was around that time that she decided to continue her career into nursing, which gave her the opportunity to see each patient as a whole person.

With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, followed by a Master's in Family Practice and Women’s Health, Christy determined that she would practice women’s health and aesthetics because of the complete care she could give to this unique population of patients. For Christy, the most important work is in the details of the whole patient. While her practice started mainly with women, Christy has come to embrace more men as they are also a unique population with their own interests and concerns in the field of whole-body health and aesthetics. 

And now—drumroll—we get to have Christy here in Missoula at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates.

Christy specializes in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PRP treatments (platelet-rich plasma, which is a therapy that uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints), Sculptra® (helps stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production), Plasma Pen (combat wrinkles), IV hydration therapy, laser treatments and HRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy).

Her background and training have made her a well-known nurse blogger and influencer, which makes her uniquely qualified to offer patients the expert and compassionate care they desire. In addition to her medical qualifications, Christy decided to also integrate health and weight management coaching into her practice three years ago. In her own time, Christy is a NPC bikini and wellness competitor. She continues this journey in her career and in her personal life to help her patients see that she practices what she preaches. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve beauty from the inside out and someone to teach you the best way to treat your whole body, Christy is excited to be that resource for you. 

Master Injector of Beautiful Faces™, Christy Lopp APRN, FN-C, WHNP

Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates

2802 Great Northern Loop