Whole Body Health

Striving for mental and physical health as a whole body approach

At Cypress Therapy and Counseling they know it takes more than just one approach to finding whole-body health. All of their professional staff work together to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help clients reach their full potential and health goals. The four most important aspects of seeking whole-body health are: mental health, brain health, gut health, and body movement.

For mental wellness, our emotions play a huge role in our thinking and actions. And while emotions are real and quite powerful and compelling; they are not facts. It is important to have a sounding board where we can process our emotions, gain a better understanding of how we feel and why we feel the way we do, and how to handle our emotions.

When it comes to brain health, we are understanding more and more about the brain than we ever have before. We understand that the brain connects thoughts, feelings, events, and experiences to create the life we live. We also understand the brain, has the power to heal itself. IASIS, a micro-current neurofeedback, that can give the brain the right circumstances and support for healing.

The brain is not the only thing in our bodies that influences our overall health, not only our digestion but our mood and the way we think. This second brain is now understood by scientists to be part of our nervous system. Starting from the esophagus and ending in the rectum, our ENS, or enteric nervous system, communicates back and forth with our big brain in powerful ways. There is evidence that gut imbalances can cause shifts in mood contributing to depression and anxiety. Learning how to nourish our bodies promotes positive gut health.

Moving our body helps relieve stored stress and signals to the brain to release mood-stabilizing hormones that improve digestion, sleep, and stress management. Studies have shown the movements in yoga to be one such modality. Yoga improves overall health and wellness, increases blood flow, improves strength and flexibility, and can enhance mood and mindfulness. The National Health Institute studies also show yoga helps with weight loss, and combats depression, body inflammation, back pain, and arthritis.

Another effective form of body movement is the M.E.L.T. method. M.E.L.T. taps into the automatic regulations of the nervous system to boost control of the supportive qualities of the connective tissue. And so, though M.E.L.T. is not an exercise, it can lead to improved balance in the body, our life, and overall well-being.

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