Whole Body Wellness

Just Breathe Wellness Offers To Support All Body Systems

Just Breathe Wellness is a full-service wellness center that offers holistic and natural therapies. Owners Kristen Groetz, Mindy Brown and Jennifer Baker opened Just Breathe around one year ago with a goal to provide services that could support all body systems. 

"We are passionate about giving people tools to help their body function at a peak level," says Kristen. "It's great because our services have the ability to support so many different parts and systems of the body, but can be easily tailored to each persons' unique needs." 

One extremely popular service at Just Breathe, and where the business truly stems from, is halotherapy, a rejuvenating treatment that dates back to the medieval era. Often referred to simply as "salt rooms," halotherapy invites you to relax in a calming salt room while breathing in medicinal salt that is pumped into the room via a halogenerator. Inhaling the aerosolized salt is said to be an extremely effective way to support your immune system and respiratory system in a natural way. It is also an excellent treatment for the support of those that struggle with asthma, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or any other respiratory disease.

In addition to this popular treatment, Just Breathe offers foot detox baths, float therapy, infrared sauna sessions and massage services. Their massage offerings range from therapeutic – a full-body massage that can be tailored to each person – to treatments that tackle more specific needs such as the prenatal massage and the targeted treatment massage. 

Just Breathe's float therapy is a unique service, in that it offers an experience of complete sensory deprivation. Their float pod is filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt and is heated to skin temperature, giving the illusion that you are floating on air. This floating experience is said to help relieve stress, promote relaxation and relieve pain because of the elimination of gravity on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. 

Just Breathe's infrared sauna sessions are extremely popular, as they are a high-delivering wellness tool that promotes weight loss, pain relief, detoxification, better sleep, better circulation and tighter skin. Just Breathe's infrared sauna accommodates up to two people and sessions are offered for 30 or 60 minutes. 

A foot detox bath is an excellent service on its own but is also the perfect complement to all of Just Breathe's services. This 30-minute treatment purges the body of yeast, heavy metal and inflammation while enhancing the immune system and balancing the body's pH level. 

For more information about Just Breathe Wellness, visit their website at JustBreathWellnessMedina.com or call them at 330.723.3388. For upcoming wellness events and specials, be sure to check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/JustBreatheWellnessMedina. Just Breathe is located at 3575 Reserve Commons Dr. Suite #150, Medina, OH 44256. 

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