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Whole-Person Caring

Looking at each individual to provide better care

For Robert Abbatiello, owner of Clear Point Acupuncture and Integrative Health Care, patient care is about more than treating just one condition. For him, it’s about treating the whole person, not only with treatments but also listening and being there for them.

“The whole person is really my focus,” explains Robert. “Everything is important because it plays into how a person heals themselves.”

Robert’s practice offers many services: acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, muscle testing and nutrition counseling. One of his primary focuses is the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease. The tricky nature of the disease requires a multi-prong approach, which Robert can provide because of his wide breadth of knowledge and experience.

“The big thing about Lyme Disease is that it hides from the immune system and diagnosis as well,” explains Robert. “You have to educate the immune system and the patient that a lab test is not as definitive as one would hope.”

The immune system can be activated using homeopathic remedies, specifically formulated for each person, to begin clearing the infections. This, along with herbs and supplements, gives the body the tools to fight the disease. Robert encourages the patient with things like exercise, a healthy lifestyle and nutrition so they can actively participate in their healing process.

“If someone can’t do one of those things, because that’s what’s being affected, then it’s my job to help them get there,” says Robert.

Patients are seen in one-hour time slots and charged for the time, regardless of the services provided. The first 15 minutes of each appointment are generally spent talking to his patients so that Robert can get a sense of the whole person, not just the problem that brought them into the practice.

“I like to be involved with people,” explains Robert. “That 15-minute conversation provides information that I wouldn’t normally get from a form.”

Because of his wide range of services and experience, 38 years in acupuncture alone, Robert often sees patients who haven’t had success elsewhere.

“In my life, I fix things at home. That’s what I like to do,” says Robert. It is the same with patients. “I get results when other people haven’t. There’s a synergy between all the different modalities that I use. I believe a multi-faceted approach is essential for obtaining the best results."

Robert offers cleanse programs to rid the body of its toxins. The ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse Program is a combination of juices, dietary and nutritional protocols and homeopathy, among others, that support the body’s own capacity to eliminate toxins, while nourishing cells.

Another of his treatments, NeuroClear, is a trauma/emotional release technique developed by Robert himself. It focuses on dealing with original trauma and/or other unresolved traumas and clearing them. The process is used to resolve anxiety, manage post-traumatic stress disorder and release old thoughts and emotional patterns. This tremendous range of treatments allows patients to receive many different treatments without going to multiple places for each modality.

The work goes far beyond simple acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine for Robert. He truly wants to support the person and form long-lasting relationships with them.

“I have people I’ve been seeing for decades and now I see their kids and grandkids,” notes Robert. “I see generations of families.”

Robert hopes to continue working with his patients for years to come, working for a total of 50 years. “I love my job, so I love coming to work,” he says.

Clear Point Acupuncture and Integrative Health Care is located at 190 Nonotuck St., Suite 107, in Florence. The practice does not accept insurance. For more information, call Robert at 413.587.0777.

The whole person is really my focus. Everything is important because it plays into how a person heals themselves.

  • Robert offers a wide range of treatments.
  • The decor is designed to promote well-being.
  • A peaceful atmosphere promotes healing.
  • Robert Abbatiello, owner of Clear Point Acupuncture and Integrative Health Care