Who's a Good Girl?

We love our pets!

This is Algernon (or Algae). She is a 3-year-old Siamese living with me in Johns Creek. She loves to smile for pictures and is even trained to sit at the table for her treats. Jess Legato, Autrey Mill Nature Preserve

Mocha is a 3-year-old rescue mix of lab, pointer and hound. After every meal, Mocha will come up and paw you until you take a ball from the cabinet and play chase around the family room table. Karyn Slovin, senior advertising manager, Johns Creek City Lifestyle 

Buster's story is a long and winding tale. In January 2015, our family was regrouping after recently losing my father to pancreatic cancer after nearly 4 years of treatment. It was a very difficult time. My youngest son, Brady (9 at the time) had been begging to get a dog for years, but my older son Ryan, who has special needs, was terrified of animals and especially dogs. On the MLK holiday, the boys and I drove into our driveway and discovered a large tub with a note on top. I got out of the car to investigate and a tiny creature flew past me, jumping out of the tub and running down the street. The note was an adoption request. We followed our future pet to the neighborhood park, carrying a purse strap that was left for a leash in the tub. Once we secured the dog, Ryan got down on all fours, looked straight into the dog’s eyes and said, “Keep him,” matter-of-factly. Ryan was far too anxious to get close to a dog at the time and really disliked getting close to animals’ faces. He also had very limited verbal abilities. The interaction and his assessment were a small miracle. We changed his name from Buddy to Buster. Brady (and the whole family) finally got a loving pet and Ryan got a vigilant companion who believes he is responsible for Ryan’s safety. Buddy has had the temperament of a service dog from the first day we had him and he restored joy to our home when we desperately needed it. It has been 8 1/2 years now. Buster’s cardiologist says he is likely 10-15 years old. He continues to be the very best boy and we firmly believe he was sent by my dad with a very specific assignment, to protect and love us. Superior Court Judge Rachelle Carnesal

Rosie is a 7-year-old Morkie. Whenever she thinks we are going somewhere (especially if you put a bag or piece of luggage by the door), she spins around and around and jumps on her travel crate with this “Where are we going...take me!” look on her face. David Brown, owner, Georgia Luxury Pools

Our mini labradoodle is named Jorja, “Jorja from Georgia.” She is super friendly and whenever she is around me, she loves to put her paw on my arm. It’s the funniest thing. Branda Peterson, Alpharetta Housewives LLC

Parsley is almost a year old. She only has three legs and a partial tail as she was found stuck in a car engine over the winter and had to have one of her front legs amputated and part of her tail. We adopted her from a rescue called Pipis Place. Parsley is very mischievous and despite only having three legs, she can get into and onto just about everything in the house! Lizen Hayes, Executive Director, Autrey Mill

"He has had the temperament of a service dog from the first day we had him and he restored joy to our home when we desperately needed it."

Superior Court Judge Rachelle Carnesal

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