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If you want a luxurious brand that’s as safe as it is sophisticated, BMW is for you.

If you’re considering other brands to adorn your driveway, don’t.

Article by BMW of Gainesville and Rynni Henderson

Photography by BMW of Gainesville

Originally published in Gainesville City Lifestyle

Those who love driving will admire these models' emphasis on performance and thrills, while commuters will love the efficiency and command their BMW holds while navigating city traffic. If you're considering other brands to adorn your driveway, don't. Reasons to buy a BMW? It's the ultimate driving machine with world class technology and award winning safety. 

It's the most powerful letter in the land. BMW M Performance adds genuine speed and power to their exclusive, sporty models.  It’s no wonder that BMW is named the Ultimate Driving Machine, pushing the limits by seeking hair-raising thrills with every model produced. 

When you pick BMW, no matter the model, you’ll receive some of the most innovative technology features and packages in the world. BMW ConnectedDrive is the collection of software systems that include Digital Services and BMW Connected App, two great convenience and infotainment systems that use Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and more to entertain you and keep you connected. Need to find parking? ConnectedDrive uses navigation to find and even predict parking-spot availability. Forget to lock the car? Remote Lock and Unlock is also featured.  Gesture Control can read your movements while a highly responsive voice command knows the sound of your voice. With BMW, a personal concierge elevates your luxury experience.  

And finally, with a BMW as your traveling companion, peace of mind is standard. The safety features on a BMW are proactive, ensuring that incoming collisions are warned about if not prevented, including Steering and Lane Guidance Assist, Speed Limit Assist, and Emergency Brake Assist.  It’s no wonder BMW is no stranger to receiving top awards for their safety for the past several years.   

Pull Quote: With a BMW as your travelling companion, peace of mind is standard.