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Why Investing in Home Improvement is a Smart Move Today

Let Inspired Closets Kansas City help turn your starter home into your FOREVER home!

Article by Inspired Closets

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As the supply of homes for sale tightens and drives up home prices, millions of Americans are feeling stuck between wanting to move and an interest rate they cannot afford to give up. Add to that feeling the surge in home equity, and all roads seemingly lead to staying put—for now, anyway.

How did we get here? When home interest rates hit record lows—under 3%—in 2020 and 2021, first-time homebuyers jumped at the chance to get into starter homes for cheaper prices, while longtime homeowners saw low rates as an opportunity to refinance, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

Fast-forward a few years, and instead of making plans to upsize or downsize, homeowners are looking at their current home with fresh eyes. While staying put may not have been their original plan, there is some good news. Investing in strategic home improvement projects that make your home ideal for you now and are attractive to future homebuyers is a win-win.

Economic Trends: A Window of Opportunity for Homeowners
Now that interest rates are hovering near 8%, people are hesitant to give up their exceptionally low rates, and even more have been priced out of the market entirely. With Baby Boomers “aging in place” and people reluctant to move, it’s time to look at those starter homes for their forever-home potential.

Long-Term Investment: Boosting Home Value
Several things boost home values, including inflation, infrastructure improvements, and economic transformation. However, all of these are beyond your control. The thing you can influence? Home improvements. And when you’re looking at the long-term potential of your home, it’s easy to see how different house projects can increase the overall value.

Thoughtful upgrades don’t just enhance your living space; many are attractive to future buyers when the time comes. And while you shouldn’t base your home projects on what future residents might like, it’s nice to know that your efforts can make a difference when you’re ready to sell.

Home improvements can also be more cost-effective in the long run. Upfront project costs are a reality, but when these projects increase your home value, you can expect a decent return on investment for your renovations. This means you get to enhance your home, turning it into your ideal space while you’re there, and still make money from these projects in the future. Some of these upgrades could include a pantry transformation, a laundry room upgrade, and custom entryway storage.

The Value of Custom Closets and Organization in Your Home
One project that can improve your life and add value to your house is customizing your closets and other organization solutions or storage spaces throughout the home. Beyond being used to store things, there are several reasons why custom closets, a custom pantry, or a custom garage are each beneficial and rewarding investments for your home.

Improve Personal Well-Being
Clutter and disorganization cause unnecessary stress in peoples’ lives, and homeowners can easily feel overwhelmed by the disarray. On the other hand, a well-organized home invites calmness and improves one’s mood, leading to better mental and physical wellness. As the saying goes, “Where there’s mess, there’s stress,” which means that investing in custom home organization solutions is also an investment in your overall well-being. Whether it’s an organized garage, a custom laundry room, or a personalized walk-in closet, you’ll feel better in your organized home tailored to your unique needs.

Enjoy Practical Benefits
Feeling less stressed is just one of the benefits of custom closets and storage solutions that improve organization, space utilization, and the functionality of your home. Practically speaking, custom closets and other home organization systems are designed with your specific needs and lifestyle in mind, which means you have the space to store exactly what you own, with room to grow and flex as your needs change. Plus, when your home has custom organization solutions, there’s a place for everything, and everything has its designated place, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and even easier to put it away.

Another practical benefit of a custom closet is the cost savings. When your storage solutions are designed for someone else, you tend to purchase mass-produced solutions online or at a retail outlet, potentially costing you thousands of dollars over time. When you have the space to store all your items, you won’t need to spend more money trying to find additional, less-effective storage solutions, like flimsy shoe racks, random hooks that only hold a few items, or plastic totes. You’ll be able to easily find and see the things you have, meaning you won’t need to buy anything to replace what you thought was “lost.”

Enhancing Home Aesthetics
Most closets aren’t designed for looks, meaning you likely have several plain, builder-grade, rather uninspiring closets or other storage spaces in your house. With a custom closet or storage solution, you choose the colors and hardware finishes that best match or compliment your home and style preferences. Well-designed organizational and storage solutions enhance the overall look of your house to create an organized and visually appealing space wherever one is installed.

Custom Closets and Whole-Home Organization Are Lifestyle Upgrades
When a custom closet or any other custom organization solution is designed around your needs and preferences, it changes how you function in that space. For example, instead of a cluttered and disorganized closet that leaves you stressed, you can start or end your day in a calm, organized, and inviting space that is functional and inspires you.

With dedicated spots for clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and more, you can streamline your routine and get more time back in your day. A custom closet upgrade, or any custom storage upgrade for that matter, not only enhances your home but also helps improve your life. As you consider the long-term potential of your home, it’s easy to see how a personalized closet with organization and storage solutions can make a significant impact.

How to Choose the Right Custom Closet and Storage Solutions for Your Home
So, how do you know which space to upgrade or how to transform it? Start with your pain points. Do you have a reach-in closet overstuffed with things? Are you struggling to organize your walk-in closet? Is it hard to find the exact spice or condiment you’re looking for in your pantry? These are the spaces that can benefit from custom organization and storage solutions.

When you choose the closets or other areas of the home you want reimagined, you’re ready to contact the expert team at Inspired Closets. We’ll help you look past the clutter and disorganization to find the custom potential waiting to be revealed. Our designers can help transform any closet into a calm, organized space that’s right for you and your home.

Don’t Wait to Invest in Your Home With Inspired Closets
Whether you recently purchased a starter-turned-forever home or have been in your house for years, you deserve to live in a place suited to your needs and lifestyle now. Find the untapped potential in your space and reimagine it to be uniquely you. Overhaul the garage, redesign your pantry, or create your ideal boutique closet—it’s all possible with Inspired Closets Kansas City.

It was smart to lock into those record-low interest rates, but don’t wait for your next home to feel inspired; invest in your home now and transform it into a space you’ll love forever.

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