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Luxury Interior Designer: Danyale Keim

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Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Being a small-town girl from West Texas, I was born and raised in the construction world. My grandfather built homes. My parents and brother are builders and developers in San Angelo, Texas. It is the bubble I know and love, my happy place outside of my family. I love being part of creating a structure that starts in someone’s mind, goes from idea to paper, and from blueprints to a livable masterpiece. A home is a work of art, a collaborative creation that makes a person and their family so incredibly happy. 

I have been a professional interior designer for 16 years. Before that, I helped my mom design homes she and my dad built. I have been fortunate to design homes, a hospital, hotels, and office spaces and am blessed to have teams of builders, contractors, developers, and other designers to call my friends. 

Most importantly, I am a wife to my husband, Ryan, and a mom to four beautiful kiddos. Our family has lived in Dripping Springs for eight years, and we absolutely love calling it our home. We spend our days driving up and down 290 between football, volleyball, birthday parties, and family get-togethers and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Reasons to hire an interior designer 

Create more functional spaces.

There is never a wrong time to get an interior designer involved in your project, but I like to start at the very beginning. We see your home with both a functional perspective and a creative eye. From ideal furniture placement to accessible outlet location and more, we want you to be able to use your home in a beautiful yet effortless way.

Staying on budget.

Staying on budget is probably the most stressful part of building or renovating a home. A designer can help achieve a custom look while staying on track monetarily. We are well versed in how to mix a little “Neiman’s” with a little “Target.” Hiring your designer early will also help eliminate change orders and set realistic design allowances.

Seeing the big picture.

Part of an interior designer’s skillset is seeing the picture before it is painted. Our job is to create a masterpiece by absorbing the clients’ ideas. Working with a designer allows you to see your vision presented in its entirety before making a decision.

The "WOW!" factor.

Set your home apart from the rest. There’s nothing better than walking into a space and thinking, “This is for you, my client, and no one else has it.” With a designer, who can elevate your space by adding a fun pop of color, wallpaper, or unique lighting, you get a custom style. We want your home to reflect who you are, who your family is, what you love, and what makes you happy. 

For me, the greatest feeling is when a client says “You just get me! Thank you for listening.” 



  • Luxury Interior Designer: Danyale Keim

"Creating a sense of awe for someone in their home is the driving purpose of my career."