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Why You Should Be Using a Round Brush


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

I swear by my round boar bristle hair brush, but whenever I mention it to friends, I usually get a response about how difficult it is to use and how they gave up after a couple of times. If you are in the same boat, there is help out there! Here are a few detailed guides from the pros about how to use a round brush, why you need one and which one you should buy based on your hair type.

How to Use a Round Brush—The Secret Trick You've Been Missing

"For many of us, the struggle to master the at-home blowout is real. And it involves tangled strands, sore arms, and—more often than not—a fair amount of cursing. So after spending years of struggling to figure out how to use a round brush, we’ve decided to change all that. We’ve been observing the top hair experts at work, prodding them for tips, and taking diligent notes. Now we’ve finally figured out where we’ve been going wrong all these years."

—Deven Hopp, Byrdie

Why You Need a Round Brush in Your Hair Care Arsenal

"By now you know that using great hair care products can really be a game-changer in the way your hair feels, and ultimately looks. Healthy hair is certainly the result of due diligence and following a specific hair care regimen that also includes using proper hair care products like a round brush. A classic hair care tool, a rounded brush has long been a coveted tool for blowdrying your hair as it helps to create sleek, frizz-free styles. And some of the best round brushes also work to add some incredible shape and texture to your hair. As a staple in every gal’s arsenal, the round brush hair is one of our must-haves."

—All Things Hair

The Best Round Hair Brushes and How to Use Them

"Unsure which brush to choose? 'The size of the brush makes all the difference,' says Gorka Arraras, Head of Creative at Charles Worthington Salons. Your hair length will determine what barrel size will work best for you. In general, a wide barrel will give tons of volume, but it might not work so well on shorter hair, while a smaller barrel will give more of a curl."

—Elle Turner, Glamour

Shop these brushes recommended by Glamour

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