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"Wild" About Creating with Food

Delicious, Skillful, Art

Article by Krista Whisner

Photography by Photos, Jennifer Maxfield and others

Originally published in Grand Junction Lifestyle

Growing up, Willy would watch his chef father carve items into small garnishes, and one day he decided that’s what he wanted to do as well, but on a much bigger scale. As a child, Willy’s mom would hide her vegetables otherwise, he would carve her radishes into little animals or her potatoes into roses. It is something that they still laugh about to this day.

After 17 years, Willy now considers himself to be a Grand Junction native. Originally he was traveling through the valley on his way to a new job. En route, he stopped here and visited our glorious Colorado National Monument. It was up there, overlooking Grand Junction that he knew this was a place that he could never leave.

Since moving here, Willy made the Grand Valley his home. This is where his son was born and where Willy has grown his fruit carving business into what it is today. Willy enjoys working side by side with his son and creating unique hand-carved items for various events. When it comes to carving, Willy can do anything. He can carve fruits, vegetables, and even ice sculptures! Recently, Willy did our first anniversary carving for Grand Junction Lifestyle Magazine that you can see on the cover! He loved taking the stunning carving up on the Monument to showcase it in the place where he first fell in love with Grand Junction.

According to Willy, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” He is proof. He started with humble beginnings and has now grown his business on a worldwide platform. Willy was even invited to compete in an episode of the Food Networks', Outrageous Pumpkins where he received second place.

Have a "GRAND" celebration coming up? Stop by his store in the Mesa Mall’s Food Court, his food truck, or check out his website. Willy will be happy to put together fruit trays, fruit bouquets, ice carvings, and more.