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Wild Fork:

Preserving Quality Proteins at Prices to Love

Local foodies in the know celebrate their neighborhood Wild Fork, where an impressive selection of the highest quality meats and seafood are stocked and ready to delight your taste buds. From homestyle beef briskets, venison French rib racks and North Atlantic lobster tails to beef bourguignon, shepherd’s pie and baked brie with apple chutney, Wild Fork offers delicious quality meat and seafood at the lowest everyday prices.

“We’re a modern-day meat and seafood market on a mission to transform the way people shop for and eat protein,” says Paras Tusiani, Wild Fork’s regional director for West Coast Operations.

Wild Fork’s unique blast-freezing process preserves food at the peak of freshness to seal in straight-from-the-farm flavor. Stocking the shelves with frozen foods offers many advantages, and the concept is quickly catching on with customers as more people discover Wild Fork’s offerings. Since its launch in 2018 in Florida, the outlet expanded to California in 2020, opening a Thousand Oaks location in 2022 as one of 40 nationwide sites.

Read on to learn more about Wild Fork’s unique offerings.

Q. What are the advantages of freezing foods?

A. The advantages of frozen protein are many. By flash freezing, we can conserve the shelf life—frozen proteins will last a year and exotic proteins, like ostrich and venison, will last 2 years. As there is no waste in our processing, we are very competitive in price; on average we are about 20% cheaper than supermarkets.

We’ve amassed quite a fan base of customers that love shopping with us! Buying frozen allows people to have the same variety of foods in their freezer as there are in the store—you can’t buy too much! Many customers have purchased deep freezers, so they have plenty of variety ready to go when they are, thus saving them time and trips to the store.

Q. Does freezing food affect its taste or nutritional quality?

A. People have a misconception about frozen protein. Our blast-freezing process locks in taste, tenderness and nutritional content. In fact, we’re so confident it will be love at first bite that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Q. What types of protein does Wild Fork specialize in?

A. We carry over 150 different cuts of beef, rib eyes, salmon, shrimp—we have all of the major proteins. We also carry exotic proteins, such as ostrich, venison, yak and wild bison. You can find any protein you can think of in our retail stores.

Simply put, Wild Fork offers the best variety of meat and seafood anywhere—we have over 700 products (including 450+ meat and seafood items!), including everyday grocery staples to rare finds like premium Wagyu and exotic meats that’ll inspire your inner chef. We carry cuts you won’t find anywhere else, for cooks of every kind, including Black Angus, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, wild caught seafood, organic and pasture-raised chicken, heritage pork breeds and more.

Q. Does Wild Fork carry other types of food as well?

A. Absolutely! Customers really love our pizzas—made and frozen in Italy—and waffles from Belgium! We have everything you need to complement the main dish—appetizers, sides, seasonings, fruits, veggies, breads and desserts that pair perfectly with the proteins.

When you’re hungry and in a hurry, we also offer pre-seasoned meats prepped with chef-inspired flavors alongside heat-and-eat dishes, from microwaveable single-serve meals to larger oven-ready options for the whole family.

Q. How long does it take to defrost the food?

A. Defrosting is quicker than most people realize—the food is vacuum sealed in trays, so you just pour a little cold water on the tray, and let it sit on countertop; depending on the size, a simple steak takes about an hour. Other foods can be cooked from frozen, such as the seasoned chicken wings. Customers really love the convenience and quality.

Q. What can you tell us about the quality of Wild Fork’s selections?

A. All of our products are hand selected and taste tested. We ensure they are free from phosphates, nitrates and other ingredients you can’t pronounce. We source our beef from farms in Nebraska and Colorado, where the lush grasslands produce some of the top cattle in the world. Our beef and pork is aged to perfection for the best flavor, and then we blast freeze all of our products to lock in taste and tenderness in every bite.

Find out firsthand how good frozen tastes at Wild Fork’s Thousand Oaks location at 101 S. Westlake Blvd., or visit to learn more.