Wild Heart, Kind Hearts

Marybeth Brady is bringing self-acceptance and love to Austin, one downward dog at a time

What does the word COMMUNITY mean to you, and why is building one so important for us?

When I think of community, it’s a feeling of belonging, of being supported, of feeling safe. As humans, we are hard-wired to be in community. If we look back at tribes, villages, even neighborhoods that many of our parents and grandparents grew up in, there was this network of people; parents, children, teachers, and elders who all looked out for one another, taught and uplifted each other, helped each other evolve. As modern times and technology made traveling more accessible, we began exploring this big beautiful world, which for many of us meant leaving our hometowns. Austin is one of the most popular destinations for relocation, creating a sea of humans seeking support, belonging, community. At Wild Heart Yoga, community is the foundation that everything is built on. A place where students can come exactly as they are, and feel welcome and whole.

How do you show yourself kindness?


Showing ourselves kindness is essential. We can’t extend outward what we can’t extend to ourselves. I have what I call “non-negotiables”. These are agreements I make with myself so I can show up for others in a way that feels honest and authentic.

1.No technology in the morning until: I drink a cup of coffee, meditate 5-10 min, connect with my feelings and pull a tarot card. All of this takes about 20 min and it makes all the difference!

2. Move my body, even if only for 15 minutes- yoga, bootcamp, a hike.

3. Get outside and connect with Mama Earth. Feet in the dirt, a hike, 5 deep breaths outside

4. My phone is not invited to the bedroom! Ha-ha. This baby charges in the bathroom. It frees me from falling into the social rabbit hole and is a great hack to eliminate the snooze button.

How does moving your body help in every area of your life?


Today, moving my body is a celebration of gratitude. A way to honor this vehicle that I get to spend my life in. Our bodies are freaking miracles! I dedicate time every day to say thank you to my body, my organs, my cells and all of the ways my body shows up for me. There has been so much conditioning, especially for women, to force our bodies to be a certain way.

I can confidently say that I don't know a single woman who hasn’t struggled with body or food disorders. There were times in my life when moving my body was a punishment for the dessert I had or the pasta I indulged in. I’m overjoyed to experience in my lifetime, body and food positivity. Let’s raise a glass to enjoying the hell out of that dessert and pasta guilt-free!

Describe your yoga journey.

Can I just say, I hated my first yoga class. The whole time on my yoga mat I thought “when this is over, I’m never coming back.” I didn’t resonate with the philosophy or why we were taking an adult nap at the end, and so many other things, but something bigger than me drew me back day after day. Had someone told me then that I’d one day dedicate my life to this practice, I would have thought they were crazy. For years yoga was only a physical practice, until it wasn’t.

I lost a child when I was 29, and my yoga mat became my sanctuary. This little rectangle was the place I grieved my son, my marriage, and the old me. And it was the place where I met the present me, and began putting the pieces back together.

The years of philosophy I heard subconsciously on the mat, became the road map back to myself. It was this experience that revealed that my dharma was to open a space where others could come to heal, be curious, celebrate, connect, and discover the power of yoga.

I opened Wild Heart Yoga in 2016. “Wild” is an acknowledgment of the untamed pieces of ourselves, a remembering of who we were before they told us who we ‘should’ be. And “Heart” to remember that courage is the act of showing our hearts, in all of their broken and beautiful ways, and to show up with a vulnerability that connects us all.

What do you love about Austin?

Austin has always supported and celebrated local,  small businesses. It’s been the heartbeat and soul of the city. And that, to me, hasn’t changed. It’s expanded its generosity and has welcomed so many to join us here on this authentic journey of celebrating artists, musicians, and small businesses. Our yoga and wellness communities both anchor and uplift each other. It’s beautiful to be a part of the collaboration, support, and genuine desire to see each other succeed!

As a small business owner, my hope is that the growth of our city supports the small businesses that have built a life here serving Austin, by being a part of what we’ve created. Some of my favorite businesses to support are Covet Hats, Anvil and Aura, Mood By Moss, Wyld Roots Photography, Saint Monograns, Snowy Rodeo. Moody Theater and Stubbs feed my music loving soul, and Matt’s El Rancho is a forever favorite place to celebrate life with my tribe of family and friends.

"I learned that I could be both wild and holy" by Ana Forrest - this quote hits home for me. It’s the reminder that Wild is as much our heart’s nature as the Divine." 

For more information: wildheartyogaaustin.com

2023 Yoga Teacher Trainings: wildheartyogaaustin.com/fall-2023-weekend-intensive

2023 Wild Heart Retreats: wildheartyogaaustin.com/2023retreats



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