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In the primary bath, privacy was addressed by installing a Roman shade with a light-filtering lining to allow in natural light.

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Windows by Wunderhaus

Window Treatment Options Available in a Wide Variety of Styles

Need help with windows? No, not the software program; the kind that lets in light, affords us privacy when we want it, and—as a bonus—helps set the desired tone for virtually every room in your home!

Beth Ketchum, owner of Wunderhaus Design + Consign ( and her expert team “have you covered,” so to speak, whether your tastes run to minimalism or classic sophistication.

“We offer a diverse range of window treatment options for homeowners. From elegant curtains and blinds to custom draperies and shades, our selection complements various styles, and our expert team provides personalized consultations to help you find the perfect window solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality,” Beth says.

“Currently, we can help you achieve popular looks like natural textures, layered treatments and motorized solutions for smart homes,” she says, adding: Our team excels in translating these trends into personalized window treatments that elevate your space.”

For those who appreciate timeless elegance, Wunderhaus offers tried-and-true window treatment options, while classic choices include wood blinds, Roman shades and traditional draperies. All of these enduring styles add a touch of sophistication and enduring charm to any home.

“Our window treatment materials span a rich spectrum, including natural hardwood shutters and jute and grass-woven shades,” Beth notes. “Come out and explore our fantastic fabric selection, ranging across a diverse gamut of colors, textured prints and high-performance options. Whether it's the timeless allure of hardwood or the earthy elegance of woven shades, we’re dedicated to providing a variety that complements your style.”

The Wunderhaus team can tailor window treatments to fit a wide range of window sizes.

“Whether you have standard or custom dimensions, our expert team ensures a perfect fit,” Beth says. “From cozy nooks to expansive windows, we accommodate various sizes to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your space. Contact us for personalized consultations to find the ideal solution for your specific window dimensions.”

Ready to move your window treatments up to the next level? Wunderhaus charges $150 for an in-home consultation. During this personalized session, their expert team will assess your space, discuss your preferences and provide tailored recommendations for your window treatments.

Beth notes that each consultation is unique, but some stand out as unusual in some way.

For example, their most recent challenging project involved installing draperies over 20 feet long, requiring the use of scaffolding, while their latest elaborate endeavor featured a stunning traditional formal dining room window treatment with silk draperies and board-mounted swags.

One of the most enjoyable experiences was working with Amy & Steven List, creating a casual yet elegantly styled space with shades, draperies, café curtains, and custom upholstered pieces.

The photographs shown on these pages are of the Lists’ Ashton Grove home and, Beth says, “reflect a blend of casual elegance with a Ralph Lauren vibe.”

“Customer satisfaction is our priority,” Beth says. “We strive to exceed expectations, making the process enjoyable from consultation to installation. I love what I do, and I hope that is conveyed to my clients through my commitment to give each client the best service and products.”

Window treatments dress up your home, help you save energy, add character and charm, and so much more…why not do them up right? Beth and her team at Wunderhaus stand ready to help make that happen. Visit them at their store in Brookhaven Village.

Wunderhaus Design + Consign


Window treatments play a crucial role in enhancing a home or space on various fronts. Perhaps most obviously, they provide a layer of privacy, allowing residents to control the visibility into their living spaces.

Other window treatment functions:

-       They offer practical benefits like light control, insulation and UV protection. Tailored solutions cater to specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality.

-       Aesthetically, they contribute significantly to the overall decor. The right window treatments can elevate the style of a room, adding character and charm.

-       Properly chosen treatments allow control over natural light, creating ambiance and contributing to the overall lighting design of a space.

-       Well-designed treatments contribute to energy efficiency by providing insulation, helping maintain desired temperatures indoors. 

  • "Wanting to keep a tranquil feel, we chose an organic linen for the panels and trimmed them in a beautiful wheat colored tape along the lead edge, explains ...
  • To let light in but give privacy, a semi-sheer simple pinch pleat cafe curtain with custom made iron hardware was used.
  • To compliment the warm tones of the travertine counters, the designers chose a rich wool plaid fabric.
  • In the primary bath, privacy was addressed by installing a Roman shade with a light-filtering lining to allow in natural light.
  • The bed and antler chandelier are the focal point of this room. A  performance fabric with blackout lining was selected for the liner.

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