The Benefits of Banking Locally

Windsor State Bank is Your Community Bank

Article by Brittany Bisceglia

Photography by David Grossman of Colorado Photography

Originally published in Windsor City Lifestyle

Windsor State Bank opened in 2011 and is a branch of Wray State Bank on the eastern plains of Colorado.  Windsor's small-town feel made it an ideal location to carry out the holding company's philosophy of valuing ongoing relationships, not just one-time transactions.  Employees know their customers by name and take pride in offering friendly and professional support.  Windsor State Bank is operated by local people who are dedicated to serving the financial needs of the area, providing loans, local support, and jobs to help make the community a better place to live.  Each employee has intimate knowledge of the area, allowing them to make quick and flexible financial decisions.  

Banking locally benefits three major markets which include consumers, businesses, and the economy.  For consumers, the benefits of banking locally include personalized attention and a full menu of services.  Windsor State Bank takes pride in serving its neighbors and offering unique programs tailored to local customer needs.  With less employee turnover at local banks, Windsor State Bank offers a higher quality and more personalized service level, while also adhering to higher ethical standards that local policies demand.  By serving a smaller region, Windsor State Bank is deeply rooted in the community and plans to stay! 

When it comes to business banking all of the consumer benefits apply as well as additional ones.  Applying for a business loan at the local level provides a faster turnaround time as decisions are made in-house to help keep a customer's business needs on track and turn a profit.  Business owners will also enjoy the local connections and collaborative relationships that come with banking locally.  Windsor State Bank is a valuable source for networking opportunities, giving access to contracts that fuel the local economy and grow businesses.  By connecting with other local area businesses, Windsor State Bank offers business owners the best and most relevant service when it comes to real estate loans, working capital, debt, financing, and more.  Customers are not just a credit score.  Windsor State Bank factors in what they know about character when it comes to personal qualifications regarding business loan decisions.  

Local community banks like Windsor State Bank also play a crucial role in the national economy.  Roughly 94 percent of all banks in the United States are local, employing over one million people.  Nearly 50 percent of small business loans are provided by local community banks, and hold over $6.5 trillion in loans.  In rural areas, the impact of local community banks is even greater as they provide 82 percent of national agricultural loans.  

When you bank locally you're not just investing in yourself, you are investing in your community.  From the farmer who grows and harvests the crop, to the restaurant owner who serves the food, to the customer who sits down and enjoys it; like most things, what we do impacts something or someone else.  Thoughtful and supportive people help foster strong and flourishing communities!  The more you bank, shop, and eat locally, the more YOU benefit!

Investing your precious finances at a local bank may not always seem obvious so if you would like to learn more about the benefits of investing locally please stop by Windsor State Bank at 1130 Main Street or call 970-674-1488 to speak with a friendly, professional, and local team member! 

"We choose Windsor State Bank because it is all about the customer, like it should be." - Steve and Brenda Duin

"Windsor State Bank is a bank I can trust and depend on to get me what I need." - Scott Cisco

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