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Wine: Splurge or Save

At Any Price Point, Westport's Liquor Locker Provides Quality, Sustainable, Organic Wines for All Occasions

Article by Anna Barnes

Photography by Mindy Briar

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

Westport’s Liquor Locker carries only the finest selection of wines, all of which are organic, sustainable and biodynamic. Cory D’Addario, owner and sommelier, is a master of clean and quality wines. She sat down with Westport Lifestyle to discuss the best choices to make when deciding to save or splurge—but most importantly to never compromise on quality.

Cory also compares prices of wine to the price of the land where the grapes are grown. If it’s a high-profile, pricy area, the wine tends to be as well. If you have questions or are curious to learn more about wine, she offers free classes in-store. To learn more, visit Liquor Locker of Westport or just stop in! This is one of Westport’s true gems.


Marc Hebrart Premier Cru Selection

Your high-end “go-to” Champagne. Whether you’re celebrating or just in the mood for bubbles, this bottle is simply the best of the best. A mix of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes, this Champagne is rich and complex.

Pairs perfectly with: pork, salmon, shellfish, mild and soft cheese.

Price: $56.99


Marie-Pierre Manciat

Full of tangerine and floral notes, this pale peach French Crémant is dry, crisp and incredibly refreshing. If you’re looking to save, this is your best bet; fantastic quality for a fraction of the price.

Pairs perfectly with: shellfish, poultry, lean fish, aperitif

Price: $23


Grand Vin De Bourgogne Gevrey Chambertin Appellation D’origine Protégee

Strong, citrus almost grapefruit overtones with a honey sweetness.

Pairs perfectly with: beef, veal, venison, poultry

Price: $65.99


Vino z Czech St. Laurent

Made from a similar crossover grape as our splurge, this wine is described as a mouthwatering surprise. It pairs extremely well with a variety of foods the same way a true pinot noir does. This specific wine has a slight herb finish and after notes of white raspberries and cinnamon.

Pairs perfectly with: Asian, Thai or spicy food

Price: $15.99


Boscarelli Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

A lovely Sangiovese with intense aromas of red fruit and sweet spices. Proudly boasts a medium body with silky tannins and a long-lasting finish.

Pairs perfectly with: beef, venison, poultry

Price: $35


Tenentino Giovanna Modonia

An entertainer’s dream! This is the perfect dinner party wine. Red fruits in spirit and a perfect balance between tannin and acidity.

Pairs perfectly with: hearty pasta and tomato sauce, veal, roast chicken, capers

Price: $15.99



This sauvignon blanc is gooseberry-forward but finishes with a touch of vivacity for a crisp, fresh grand finale.

Pairs perfectly with: seafood, salads, artichokes, asparagus, goat cheese

Price: $28.99


Rive Droite Coteaux Du Giennois  

A mellow sauvignon blanc from the Loire region, which is quite literally a few miles away from where our splurge is made. Full of apple flavors and a fresh crisp finish, this wine is light yet flavorful.

Pairs perfectly with: salmon, tuna, shellfish, vegetarian

Price: $15.99


Chateanneuf Domaine de la Solitude

Robust, complex and rich, this Rhone splurge exudes berries, spices and dark chocolate. This wine is best-enjoyed fireside, on a chilly night, with a hearty meal.

Pairs perfectly with: lamb, pork, poultry

Price: $47.99


Maby Domaine La Fermade

Grown in the Lirac region of France, this Rhone boasts a pleasant earthiness with dark, lush fruits, and since it’s created from Grenache grapes, this wine has a lot more structure. This is the wine you want for that first cold night to pair with a hearty meal.

Pairs perfectly with: osso buco, braised beef, roasts

Price: $19.99