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Laura Tully and Team Shine a Spotlight on the Rapidly Growing Sport of Lacrosse

Article by Stephanie Hasbrouck

Photography by Cate Trulene Clark, Stephanie Edmondson, Brian Tully

Originally published in Cross Timbers Lifestyle

For Laura Tully of Argyle, Lacrosse is not only something at which she excels, it is something that has helped her forge friendships and become part of a community.

When Laura and her family moved from New York to Argyle in 2021, Laura joined the Flower Mound Girls Lacrosse Team to further her development in the sport and to meet others. Little did she know she would go on to compete at the state level and ultimately represent her new home state in the USA Lacrosse National Tournament.

“As a freshman, (Laura) has significantly impacted our team by leading by example and showing her peers how hard work pays off. In the last nine months, Laura has made the varsity girls lacrosse team as a freshman, selected for the 2022 National Tournament Team Texas and made Nike’s American Select Texas team,” says Gabby Sinmaz, Head Varsity Coach and High School Program Director of Flower Mound Lacrosse. “Laura’s results embody her perseverance, goal-oriented mentality and fearless attitude.”

Laura says her dad, Brian, inspired her to take up the sport, which he played at Syracuse University.

“He started me at a young age and ever since I picked up a stick, I loved it,” Laura says. “It’s a very unique sport, and that’s what makes it special.”

Though some may be unfamiliar with it, lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America and is one of the most rapidly growing team sports in the country. Lacrosse is extremely physical - played with a lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball – and requires good hand-eye coordination, speed and stamina.

“It is a very difficult sport,” Laura says. “Not only must you have the stick skills, but you also need the endurance and speed. I think it’s a sport that you need to be tough for mentally and physically.”

Laura’s parents credit Coach Gabby and the team for helping Laura to excel at the sport.

“This team has been instrumental in Laura’s lacrosse development, as she has had her best year yet playing the sport,” says Becky Tully, Laura’s mother.  “Coach Gabby pushes Laura to her limits making her stronger and faster, as well as placing her on the varsity team as a freshman. Laura practiced and played on both varsity and JV teams.”

Being a part of both teams meant twice the work, but that only made Laura a stronger player, says Brian Tully, Laura’s father.

“Putting in twice the work the past year, as well as playing with girls four years older than her on varsity undoubtedly prepared her for USA Team Texas tryouts.”

Laura says her commitment to the sport means spending as much time as possible training and learning with her team.

“When we weren’t on the field practicing or in the gym conditioning, we were together watching film, writing down notes on how we can improve,” Laura says. “We worked so hard every practice, and it paid off as a team.”

The payoff: competing at the state level this past season.  

“It was incredible!” Becky says. "It was so exciting! The entire team worked so hard to push forward continuing to improve – ultimately beating Southlake to make it to the final four. The enthusiasm and comradery between all the girls and the team was so high. Even though they lost in the semifinals to Hockaday, who went on to win the championship, the memories made and ambition moving forward prevails.”

Coach Gabby says that’s the goal. To push her players to their fullest potential.

“This mission drives how we coach and motivate, ultimately inspiring our players to be at the forefront of the lacrosse game through their skill, leadership and maturity,” she says. “Our philosophy will enable us to build players’ confidence and develop their character on and off the field. Our coaching staff focuses on more than just making a complete lacrosse player; we focus on giving our players the tools we believe can make them successful in all aspects of their lives.”

Coach Gabby, who also is a Captain in the Army Reserves, says the coaching staff brings a vast array of experience that has helped mold the team into who they are today.

“With the combination of former collegiate athletes, successful entrepreneurs and military experience, we’ve seen the influence of discipline and mental toughness built within our team’s mindset,” she says. “We are unbelievably blessed to have such a phenomenal coaching staff, and I believe the mixture of all our backgrounds has defined our team’s culture.”

The Flower Mound Lacrosse team averages 25 to 35 players per season between both varsity and JV teams.

“This spring, we graduated nine seniors, and seven of those players will be playing at the collegiate level with NCAA scholarships this fall,” Coach Gabby says.

No doubt Laura will be on that list of scholars one day.

“At this trajectory, the sky’s the limit for Laura, and we can’t wait to watch her continue to grow this upcoming season,” Coach Gabby says.

For more information about Flower Mound Lacrosse, visit and follow @flowermoundlacrosse on Facebook and @flowermoundgirlslacrosse on Instagram.

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