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Article by Kristen Hampshire

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Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

This winter, wake up in the morning feeling energized and be a healthier version of you. Boost immunity, erase aches that are dragging your body down—and keep in mind, “summer bodies are built in the winter,” says Holly Wood, general manager of iCRYO Canton, which offers a full menu of lifestyle services like cryotherapy, iV Infusions to prevent aging and increase metabolism, and body sculpting to get rid of stubborn fat for good.

“We are excited to bring our services to Canton under new ownership, and it’s rewarding to serve guests who leave feeling and looking better than they could have imagined,” says Holly, relating that she hasn’t taken an aspirin for pain since joining iCRYO three years ago. And her mission is to help clients achieve their personal goals while removing obstacles that are getting in the way of quality sleep, comfortable movement, sustainable weight loss and even conditions like arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

With body sculpting specials in January, and convenient packages available, plan for positive change in the New Year. Here are four ways how.

Relieve Pain and Boost Immunity

Cryotherapy can alleviate migraines, improve sleep, subside eczema and psoriasis, mitigate back pain—dissipate discouraging aches throughout the body. “Plus, it provides an endorphin rush, and the results can last from several days to a week,” Holly says.

The process involves spending 3 minutes and 30 seconds in a chamber that is cooled to -175 degrees. “All the blood rushes to your vital organs while you are in the chamber to protect those while you are inside,” Holly explains.

“When you step out, the blood rushes back out to extremities and shrinks pain receptors,” she says, dubbing it “the Polar Bear Club without the water.”

Following cryotherapy with compression therapy doubles the benefits, helping with blood circulation and breaking down lactic acid that causes muscle soreness and inflammation.

Heal Wounds and Regenerate the Skin

Suffering from a deep tissue wound or feeling drab and dull? Infrared light therapy can help. Detox, invigorate skin cell regeneration and build new collagen. “It’s a great anti-aging therapy and it also helps minimize scars,” Holly explains. Other benefits include enhanced circulation and reducing mental stress or fatigue.


Infuse the Body with Energy and Immunity

iCRYO’s iV Infusions are available in 18 varieties that serve different purposes. “As we like to say, ‘Let the good times flow,’” Holly relates, noting that the drip therapy performed by one of the two on-staff Registered Nurses.              

Clients report results in immunity, athletic performance, memory, neuropathic pain and more. Additionally, iCRYO offers iM intramuscular injections that deliver high doses of vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and faster results. “We have a b12 shot and a lipo-b that can help cleanse the liver while burning fat,” Holly relates.

Start Sculpting Now for Summer

Dealing with stubborn subcutaneous fat—the kind you can pinch that sits just under the skin? Sometimes, no matter how much you work out and eat right, there are fat cells that just don’t want to melt. The good news is, you can permanently eliminate this below-the-surface fat and cellulite with body sculpting.

Unlike cool sculpting that uses suction, body sculpting involves a three-phase thermal shock that naturally destroys cells in areas like the abdomen, arms, thighs, love handles, face and neck. Each treatment is about 40 minutes, and iCRYO recommends two to four during a month for success.

 “Static heads from our Cryoskin 4.0 non-invasive beauty device are placed on the body where you want the fat removed,” Holly explains. “It heats up the skin’s surface, which things the blood in that area, allowing fat cells to rise up. The second cycle is cold and it freezes the fat cells, and the third cycle is also cold and kills fat cells.”

Ultimately, the three-part treatment pops fat cells, which are flushed out through your system. Wood says it takes about 14 days for fat cells to completely dissipate from the body. “It does permanently remove fat from the area,” she says, emphasizing that body sculpting is not a replacement for working out. However, it certainly enhances results in areas of struggle.

Holly says, “Winter is an ideal time for body sculpting as you prepare for spring.”

"It’s rewarding to serve guests who leave feeling and looking better than they could have imagined."

“Summer bodies are built in the winter.”

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