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2020 Land Rover Defender 90

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Winter Driving at its Safest

Land Rover's Defender defends against snowy conditions

There is nothing like a winter adventure, especially one on the road where you can see, taste and feel the rugged outdoors. Although, cold affects driving conditions, and as part of that adventure, you don’t want your car to slip, skid or stall on an icy road or in snowfall.

Many have turned to the safety and confidence they find in the Land Rover Defender, which utilizes Land Rover’s Terrain Response system to optimize performance on any surface. Particularly, it has a grass gravel snow setting that assesses gradient, slip and yaw, temperature and pressure to engage intelligent traction on slippery surfaces, which makes it one of the best 4x4s for driving on snow and ice.

The latest model, 2020 Land Rover Defender 90, highlights 70 years of innovation and improvements. It has a unique unibody architecture, which has been tested to extremes, resulting in one of the most durable and strongest vehicles Land Rover has ever created. Strengthened with geometry and Configurable Terrain Response, the vehicle can handle extreme conditions and terrains from the high desert to icy mountains.

The Defender’s intuitive in-car technology has an infotainment system, Pivi Pro16, that is inspired by a smartphone and delivers full connectivity and key information quickly. It also offers ClearSight Ground View24 technology with enhanced 3D Surround Camera that improves visibility and a Connected Navigation Pro system that learns preferred routes and suggests faster options.

This all-climate confidant vehicle is next generation for Land Rover with its reductive sophisticated surfaces, sleek retro styling, innovative driver assistance, connectivity features, advanced off-road capability, and a multitude of personalization options such as a four-door version known as the Defender 110, two engine options (4 and 6 cylinder), a side ladder, off-road tires, several roof racks, and mud flaps. Who is ready for winter?

Three car features:

   Advanced off-road capability

   Personalization options

   Retro styling

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender 90