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Winter fun in Westfield and Southwick

Making memories with the family

It’s winter and the holiday season is upon us! It’s easy to get caught up with obligations and shopping, but if you’re anything like me, spending time with family is a priority! We thought it would be helpful to crowdsource the local community and brainstorm a day of fun for the whole family! All you have to do is get the calendar out, and pencil in the memories!

Location 1: Local Sledding Spots

Once that first snow fall arrives, what’s your favorite outdoor activity? Sledding was the resounding answer to this question! And when we asked, where is the best place to go in Westfield and Southwick? The favorite spots to visit locally are the hill at Westfield Technical Academy, East Mountain Country Club, and the hill in front of Southwick High School. Runner-ups to this question were to build a snow-man with the grandchildren, go snowshoeing in Stanley Park, ice-skating, and sitting by the campfire! 

Location 2: Daily Grind in Southwick

Once you hit up your favorite hill, you’re bound to want to warm up! We suggest you visit the Daily Grind in Southwick, to sit by their fire, and grab lunch and a cup of coffee/cocoa. The cafe´ on the campus of Christ Lutheran Church at 568 College Hwy in Southwick is open to the public and serves as a community hospitality center. In addition to specialty coffees, the restaurant serves a wide selection of soups, salads, smoothies, specialty sandwiches,and fresh bakery items. They are open Wednesday through Friday from 9am to 3pm, Saturday from 11am to 3pm, and Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

Location 3: Coward’s Farm in Southwick. 

To round out this fun filled day, swing through Coward’s Farm at 150 College Hwy, Southwick, to cut your own tree!  Founded in 1985, John and Teresa Coward founded their tobacco and Christmas tree farm. Over the years they have grown, and they now offer a gift barn, seasonal landscape and holiday decor, and the famous “pick and cut” your own Christmas trees. Take your pick of a Balsam, Frasier Fir, Concolor Fir, or Blue Spruce. To make the process easy for you, the staff will grab your tree and carry it back to the shake & bale station. Or if you're running short on time, and the kiddos are getting restless, simply grab one of their pre-cut trees instead!

Now all that’s left of this fun-filled day is to bring that tree home, throw it in a bucket of water and. . .maybe wait until tomorrow to decorate it ;) Happy holidays and best wishes to you and yours!