Winter Wellness for Your Pets

6 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy During the Winter Months

Although winter may seem like the ideal time to snuggle up and hibernate with your pet, it’s essential to stay active and venture outside when the weather allows. Knowing how to navigate the winter season is key to keeping your pet happy and healthy no matter how cold it may get. We asked the experts at Westonka Animal Hospital and here are their six tips to follow this snowy season to help keep your pet’s spirits and energy levels up. 

1. Take time to play with your pet every day.

Your pet will likely spend a lot of their time inside during the frigid winter months. However, more time inside may lead to a bored and disruptive pet. To ensure that your furry friend won’t destroy your furniture or ingest something they shouldn’t, provide them with plenty of toys and set aside some time to play with them every day.  

2. Watch their food intake. 

While many Northern breeds love to play in the snow, others might want to go outside to relieve themselves and go back in. If your pet is less active in the winter than in the summer, limit the amount of treats you give them. 

3. Protect your pet’s paws. 

Given that we live in the Midwest, you’ll likely encounter icy paths or sidewalks covered in salt. Snow boots or a paw protector gel are great options to keep your pet’s paws warm and protected from sharp ice chunks during walks. Once you return inside, don’t forget to wipe your pet’s paws to remove any salt chemicals. 

4. Check for antifreeze spills.

Whenever you pour antifreeze into your gas tank, check and thoroughly clean any spilled liquid immediately after pouring, as it can be fatal to cats and dogs. If you believe your pet has ingested any antifreeze, call and book an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. 

5. Keep your pet’s food in an airtight container. 

If you notice that your hands are dry and flaky due to the lower humidity, chances are your pet’s skin is experiencing the exact same thing. Keep your pet’s food in an airtight bag to ensure it stays fresh and holds its nutritional value. You can also add an omega-3 fatty acid into their food to help keep their body hydrated and reduce itching. 

6. Look around your car before driving. 

Although it’s preferred to keep cats inside during the winter, it’s common for them to slip outside from time to time. If you have outdoor or feral cats in your neighborhood, knock on your hood and check around your tires before driving.

To learn more and have all your questions answered on how to keep your furry family member safe and happy this winter reach out to the experts at 

Snow boots or a paw protector gel are great options to keep your pet’s paws warm and protected from sharp ice chunks during walks. 

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