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Winter Workout Essentials

Stay committed to your health goals with these expert tips

Let’s admit it, Minnesota winters are a beast of their own kind. As the temperature plummets, so does our collective enthusiasm for facing the icy outdoors. Waking up and returning home under the cloak of darkness can zap motivation quicker than static electricity on a wooly sweater. Even for those who look forward to winter, taking the extra 20 minutes to layer up and then another 20 to warm up the car can challenge that fresh New Year’s commitment to your health and fitness goals. 

So we’ve enlisted the help of Merrick Morlan, owner of 3soteric, a MMA (mixed martial arts) gym in Mound, to share his tips on how to keep your winter workouts on track. 

First and foremost, Merrick advises finding something you’re passionate about. “Our tagline is nourishment, movement, and enlightenment. If you don’t feel like you’re being enlightened or mentally engaged, you’ll have a hard time sticking with it.” 

Whether you love dance or cross fit, Merrick suggests joining… something. “Don’t do the free at-home online workout classes. Not because they’re not good but because it doesn’t get you to commit to something. Even the $10 a month online classes are great, and many insurance companies will offer discounts for joining a gym,” says Merrick. “Your winter workout should be an extension of your summer workout. Especially post-holidays, many feel pressure to switch up their workout, but consistency is key. The best winter workout is centered around what you love to do because that will keep you committed.”

Lastly, Merrick suggests if you don’t know what to do, sign up for something new! “Don’t think you have to be perfect because when you start anything, you’re not going to automatically be good. Stick with it through the winter and focus on discipline and showing up. Because motivation is a horrible friend. Discipline will outweigh your motivation every day.”

Find your passion, commit to consistency, embrace discipline, and you’ll find your winter workouts will actually work!