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What makes a vacation so memorable?

Kurt Wilson
Mayor of Roswell

Beginning in 2006 my family (my wife Stacey and our four daughters Sparling, Leighton, Mattie, and Sarah Nora) began a tradition that I have to say has become for us a reservoir of great memories and fun that will remain with us for our lifetimes. Where might you ask? In 2006 we began our first of many weeklong Disney Cruises! We first went in 2006, then again in 2009, 2012, and 2015 with a couple of cruises interspersed for shorter periods where the entire family did not go. Cruises are something I think you either love, or you don’t care for much. Disney Cruises are the ultimate family excursion, and for us the ultimate cruise experience. The Disney “magic” is on full display, the food is exceptional, the shows are what you would expect, and the kids are able to interact with Disney characters.  

After our very first cruise, we began the drive home to Roswell from Cape Canaveral. We had not been on the road 20 minutes when my two oldest daughters said “Daddy, we want to go home." I replied, “We are heading that way." They said, “Daddy, not that home, but the Disney boat home”.

Needless to say, we were hooked from that point on, and thus began a love affair for our family with Disney Cruises! We had paid for and planned a 14-day Disney Cruise for May 2020 in Europe. Unfortunately, that cruise has not happened yet, but my girls are ready, willing and able! 

Lisa Thibault

I had the pleasure of celebrating with the City Lifestyle corporate team last month in Laguna Niguel, at the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton. We enjoyed meals and drinks at Raya restaurant and the outdoor lounge, 180blũ. We brainstormed opportunities and shared stories from our local magazines and markets. The company now has more than 110 titles nationwide! Waking up to views of Dana Point and the ocean, walks on the beach and talking with other publishers and corporate leaders gave me time to reflect on how wonderful Roswell is and how grateful I am to have the community behind our magazine. Yes, being in California on the coast was fabulous, but honestly, it was being with those amazing and hard-working people that made the destination so memorable. 

Steve Stroud
Executive Director, Economic & Business Development, Roswell Inc.

We traveled east to visit family over Thanksgiving in 2021. Camille (21) & Cate Stroud (17) traveled with us as well as Cate’s boyfriend Jack Rickheim. Over Thanksgiving 2021, our family traveled to New England for 10 days to visit family in both Boston & CT. We spent several days in Boston having tons of fun, even while we were freezing our tails off! We attended a Bruins game, did a Boston Duck Tour, shopped like crazy, and spent many hours with our new 2 ½ week old great-nephews/cousins William & Benjamin. In CT we spent time with four generations of the Gates family, laughing, eating, drinking, and enjoying every minute! And on Thanksgiving Day, we attended the 85th running of the Manchester (CT) Road Race, one of the best holiday traditions around. As always, Thanksgiving means family!

Mindy Hargesheimer
Editor, CityLifestyle.com

Visually stunning. Culturally enriching. Globally eye-opening. An emotionally charged trip of a lifetime! A multi-week, 3-part trip to South Africa was everything and MORE than we could ask for in an international travel experience. Several day visits to Cape Town, the coastal wine region on the Western Cape, and a private game reserve adjacent to the famous Kruger National Park made for 14 days of pure cultural bliss. This is a bucket list trip that we tell everyone to prioritize if they are able. It’s a life-changing experience that will have you living your best life and overflowing with joy and appreciation!

Sue G. Collins

When visiting The Abaco Club in the dreamy Bahamas, I played 18 holes on a true links course skirting the sea, paddled out on Winding Bay to snorkel with sea turtles, cruised the azure waters aboard Paradise, the club's 54-foot luxury motor yacht, succumbed to a massage with Bahamian Rhythmic Touch Therapy, retiring to my very own cabana suite at the end of a busy day. But, the most memorable few hours were spent on one of the club's cruiser bikes. I followed the one-track lane to Cherokee Sound, the most isolated settlement on Abaco. It has neat, narrow concrete streets, pastel-painted houses and a sweet little school. I parked my bike and took it all in. Sometimes (ok, always), it pays to venture off the beaten track. Wish I were there!

Stuart Tangle

Reader from Roswell

Our family took a vacation from Roswell and visited Smith Lake in Alabama this summer. I had no idea about the paradise that was basically in my backyard! It was only a short 3-hour drive away. Friends and family had shared this incredible place with us, but we hadn't had the chance to go. The lake is breathtaking, and the people are so friendly. It doesn’t matter what time of year, it seems there are always events happening. Our family can’t think of a better place to bond and laugh together. The expansive emerald water is the perfect backdrop for creating memories!

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