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Scott Snellings of Snellings Injury Law Giving Back

Article by Sharla Davenport

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Originally published in Texoma City Lifestyle

To give back or serve one another is a calling for most people. Scott Snellings knows that perhaps better than anyone. A life altering event forever changed Scott’s outlook, literally on life, and serving others around him.

Born in Lubbock but grew up in Plano, Scott went to Baylor University with the goal to be a medical doctor. But, he says, his grades and life dictated otherwise. A friend’s dad who was a famous attorney mentored Scott and gave him an internship. During that time, he helped the daughters of a family killed in an accident. That experience showed Scott how injury lawyers can really help people thus changing his career path. 

He ultimately graduated from Baylor Law where he practiced at firms in Dallas and then McKinney for nine years. In 2017, he decided to open Snellings Law when he learned of a health issue requiring him to have a kidney transplant. 

A major “perspective shifter”, Scott was fortunate to have his best friend, Jacob Thompson, be a match and kidney donor. Scott says, “Talk about giving back. Jacob sacrificed a kidney for me, while his wife was eight months pregnant!”  Understandably, this event forever changed him. 

Now, Scott looks at each day as an opportunity to honor that gift. He adds, “Now I think ‘Am I living the example I want to live and am called to live?’ Having that gift really showed me I must use each day to make this world a better place and honor Jacob.” Scott knows it sounds trite but also realizes service does not have to be momentous but should “move the ball” each day. 

As a result, the firm’s employees meet monthly to plan service projects. With offices in Frisco and Sherman, and with Scott living between in Celina, the group focuses on helping these areas. For example, he cites the firm’s help to Reba’s Ranchhouse (yes, that Reba) near Sherman. The firm donated much needed equipment aiding mothers of newborns, the elderly, and families of people in the local hospital. One family impacted was an employee of Scott’s. Her grandmother stayed at the facility while her grandfather was hospitalized. "It was a benefit to witness the helping first-hand," he notes.

The law firm also sponsors area organizations like Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship, first responder groups, and local education foundations and food banks. In addition, Scott gives to the National Kidney Foundation, obviously something very personal to him. 

The Snellings Law Firm markets itself as the injury law firm with heart, and Scott understands the irony. He maintains there are more good injury lawyers than bad, and he sees more people in the profession who care. “I see a bunch of people with acts of giving and sharing,” Scott says.

“We work and live by the core values of the communities we serve. We live here and part of that is to give back.” Scott continues, “We think it is important to give back to our community when they give so much to us.”

Snellings Law has an office in Sherman and is headquartered in Frisco. Scott has “kinfolk” in Sherman where he spent many a holiday. He loved walking downtown and even boasts he shot his first shotgun outside of Sherman. The country roads are also where he learned to drive. He wanted to open an office in Sherman because it is still a “small, big town” with outstanding, big-hearted people. 

Having law offices in Frisco and Sherman and living in Celina is the best of all worlds. He and his wife, Sara, and their three kids have lived in the area for three years. Living in the middle allows Scott to serve those communities. From working to help others who are suffering from injuries, to aiding nonprofits and volunteering, he knows his calling is now to serve. To Scott Snellings as a beneficiary of the best gift of all, life, there is no other option. 


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