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Drew Mihelish of Western Montana Lighting offers her perspective on style

C: Lighting can feel so overwhelming, especially with so many beautiful options. What is your #1 tip for someone looking to elevate their lighting situation in a specific room? Would your focus be on their particular style?

D: Your home should offer the best fit possible for your family’s lifestyle, and lighting plays a big role in that; we believe in letting your individual style shine and our staff is here to help guide you through these decisions while staying true to yourself and your budget.

C: I think it's common to assume that there's a "cheap" style and "rich" style, but that's not true is it? Tell us about how your inventory covers budgets both small and large without jeopardizing style. 

We agree; our cost-effective collections don’t need to compromise on style or quality. We’ve taken time to carefully curate an assortment of all price ranges and styles without conceding quality. Whether you’re taking on a full remodel, just updating your bathroom or needing a new ceiling fan, our design consultants enjoy helping customers find the perfect fixture to fit any budget.

C: Is there anything trendy happening in lighting or decor right now?

D: Natural Tones: Incorporating natural elements into design including rattan, rough cut crystals, linen, etc. are on the rise. Warm finishes and white glass add a cozy, comforting layer to this emerging trend as well. 

Statement Pieces: Using lighting as a design focal point; adding one unique statement piece can elevate any room and add visual interest.

Mood-Enhancing Lighting: Using layered lighting, from warm table lamps to dimmable pendants to candles. These can be used to establish a welcoming and calm space in any environment.  

C: What can you offer the techy guru or high efficiency homeowner?

We are definitely seeing an increased want and need for "smart" lighting designs. From motion-sensing lights to smart home devices (switches and outlets), more clients are looking for style, energy-efficient options. These user-friendly tech options can make the lighting schemes in your space feel more unique as well as being incredibly functional.

C: Drew, we'd love to know YOUR personal style! Tell us what type of lighting and decor sits well with your soul.

D: I truly do not have a specific style. I have a love for so many different architectural styles and designs. A dream of mine is to one day design homes all over, which would allow me to design various interiors and lighting concepts. It’s important to have the interior, exterior, and landscape of the home complement each other.

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