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Individualized care is the most significant factor that makes HealthQuest in St. Clair Shores stand out. "Everyone who comes in for treatment receives a one-hour evaluation based on the results of a full questionnaire and a full body screen," reports Caitlin Hall, Clinical Director and Co-Owner of HealthQuest Physical Therapy on East 9 Mile Road. Everyone is different. We take the time to listen to your concerns and work with you to develop an individual plan for physical therapy. "We try to get to the root of your issue so we can ease your pain and discomfort without needing pain medication," Hall reports.

"People who come to see us are in much pain and can benefit from what we offer." Customized treatment plans are developed to help clients with various diagnoses, including treatment for dizziness/vertigo, people who have undergone amputation surgery, patients seeking to build strength pre- and post-operation, pediatrics, and generic orthopedics. HealthQuest offers a range of treatment techniques, including dry needling, Graston, and cupping, which help decrease tissue tension and improve overall flexibility and mobility. Cardio equipment, weights, and bands are also available to assist with endurance and strength training. "Our patients become like family," Hall says. "We see clients and work with them twice or thrice weekly.

Our ultimate goal is to get someone to work independently at home and continue their progress while they are here with us in our facility. "We can help with that. We make it easy for them and develop a routine they can follow at home." Hall heads a staff of three physical therapists, one assistant, additional therapy technicians who assist clients in completing their programs, and front office staff. "The secret to our success is our staff," says Hall. We are specialists in how the body moves." Hall started with HealthQuest in Mt. Clemens immediately after completing her Doctoral studies at Central Michigan University. "I experienced a sense of vibrancy as soon as I joined," she reports. It grabbed my attention." She also found inspiration in her then-supervisor's wellness and healing journey. He was a former professional baseball player who had been injured and received inadequate rehabilitation.

That example taught Hall what not to do and inspired her to strive for excellence in her chosen field. "I have always loved sports, and I liked helping athletes," Hall says. It was a great beginning. Hall's grandmother and aunt were nurses, which gave her a keen interest in medicine. She credits her success to her loving husband, mother, and mother-in-law, who together make a great team in caring for their four young children. After seven years at the Mt. Clemons location, Hall took the opportunity to establish a new HealthQuest location. "St. Clair Shores is a great area that serves the Grosse Pointe communities. I knew right away this would be a good resource for the east side," says Hall. It has been six years, and she has never looked back. Thanks to the passage of a Michigan law providing direct access, no prescription is required to obtain physical therapy services. HealthQuest works with insurance companies and sells packages. All ages are welcome.

Healthquest is a 25-year-old physical therapist-owned company with more than 40 locations, most in Macomb and Oakland counties. HealthQuest St. Clair Shores is located at 20229 E. 9 Mile Road. Hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 noon. Further information is available at or call (586) 265-5252.

"People who come to see us are in much pain and can benefit from what we offer."

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